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9/11 Government Inside job

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The people of the USA 0ver 50% now beleive the real reason the 3 buildings collasped ,yes 3 not just the two  110 story ,but also WTC building 7 free fell 10 hours after the 2 WTC taller buildings free fell. Not collasped. The USA government report that took 4 years to complete said fire from the airplanes that flew into the 2 buildings caused the solid insulated steel beams to melt which caused the 2 taller building to collaspe. Now if fire causes a building to fall, it falls in sections, does not implode and cause free fall in less then 12 seconds. The governemnt never used over 118 fire fighters interviews of them hearing explosions, as each building fell. If anyone has ever seen a controled demolition knows that all 3 buildings that fell that day 9/11 actually were caused by explosive materials set on each level starting from the bottom up. The chemicals found  in the concrete dust collected by many non government people given to independent experts in chemical science found sulfer and other chemicals found only in USA military type explosive devices. Yet when the governemnt investigated this event they never did check any chemicals found. Why not?? President Bush wanted a reason to attack Iraq, got his wish for all the citizens beleived the 2 planes that crashed into the 2 buildings caused the building to fall and kill over 3900 citizens,firemen,and police. News stations that reported hearing exploasions as building were imploding,not collasping never repeated these statements after day one. Just another cover up by the corrupt leaders in the USA government. NORAD has been in place since long before 9/11/ Which is a military system that sends up fighter jets to shoot down any plane that is off course. Why did not one jet chase these planes and shoot them down before they could hit any building? Need to ask governemnt? USA government claims a airplane hit the Pentagon on the same day. Guess what no commercial craft could do this to the most protected buildings in Washington D.C. 
Do not beleive I am telling the truth well check out this report done by non USA government controlled inspections of 9/11 for yourself and you decide.  (9/11building collapse)

and a second film done also found on youku.

Just like before USA entered WW2. USA miliatary knew hours before Japan would bomb Pearl Harbor and did nothing to stop the attack.Why? American citizens were against USA entering WW2, so again the government found a reason to get the citizens behind them. I was born and raised in the USA. Once I retired I decided to leave the USA and live the rest of my life  in China. Why? I could give you 100 reasons but will just say instead. The USA 2 party system is more corrupt then any top 5 nation in the world. 1% of USA citizens are rich and guess what? Most are politicians or the rich who support them with money. Want to live in the USA? Be my quest. I will never  call the USA my home again. China is my home. Much safer,more honest leaders then you will find in the USA. By the way Obama also repeated what Bush said to the citizens. The 2 airplanes that hit the buildings on 9/11 were the only cause of them falling. Yes of course he said this he was also a Senate member at the time of 9/11. Ever notice how NO CIA employees died and they had offices in WTC building. Everyone of them left the building just before the plane hit. WOW?????

NO high rise building made of steel and cement has ever fallen before 9/11 or since because of fire. NEVER.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-10-19 06:00
And who do you think shot JFK? Was the mafia?
Reply Report Swifty55 2018-10-19 13:35
Not know second shooter they finally proved was one. Was someone with power who arranged,if look at secret service that day 2 moved away from car before shooting and never lost their job??????????
Reply Report WENGEWANG 2018-10-19 18:50
jfk pops had ties to the mob. ClA probably merked jfk. anytime you got ex military guys involved, theres a conspiracy. however, due to the non transparency of the western media, we wont come any closer to the truth within our lifetimes
Reply Report Swifty55 2018-10-20 21:44
Find on utube " JFK to 9/11; Everything is a rich man's trick." Lots of proof on this independent film.Decide after you see this.

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