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Welcome to a experience you can make the most of or not. If you come in like most students thinking you have made it because you got into college and think you have it made you will fail.

Think again.What you learn in college will make you employable or not.

In my 40 years in education in the USA and China I have seen many who thought they were smart but they failed.

College just offers you a chance to think, grow, make friends and learn if you want to.

If you just rely on your professors knowledge to make you smart then you will fail.

Professors are the same everywhere Stanford, Peking , Oxford University's or Beihai College.

They all lecture, you take notes, do assignments, take tests and then take  final exams.

What you do not know is that most professors have outside interests that pay more then teaching. They use graduate students to do most of the classroom lectures, grade assignments and never get to know you the student.

What I learned as an under grad student is that it does not matter how good the professor is or how bad. In college you learn mostly on your own. If you lack self motivation, self discipline, self determination, you will fail. You must read,study,ask questions and not  be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes help you learn. 

I have know people who went to a 2nd rate college and ended up better then people from top 10 schools. Because what you learn depends on you not how highly rated the college is for rating of colleges and university's is all based on how many papers or articles the professor gets published. Not how good they are at reaching students. The higher the number of professors getting published the higher the rating of that school.

In the USA most top 50 university's have Presidents that have failed outside education. Most get paid over 1 million a year to tell you the students how well you will do after you graduate from a top USA univeristy. It is all a lie.

If you succeed after college it is because you learned on your own with just the guidedence of a grad student.

No University has ever made a great man or woman. They made it on their own. They just have a piece of paper that says they have a degree

University's and colleges are the same in China, USA, England, Germany etc. Some jus cost way to much. Mostly in the USA.

If you do not depend on youirself you will never become what you want.

Remember more then 60 %  of kids who enter college in the USA never make it past their 2nd year.

If you are not serious about working hard on your own in college. Please quit and do not throw your parents money and dreams for you away.

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I agree with you my friend, but can you pay attention to the "a" that is used before a vowel, which should be "an"?
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