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Share Review of 2015: Choice and Action (2)
Yuannn 2016-1-3 00:50
Review of 2015: Choice and Action (2)
July I went to Yunnan Province with my family. To be honest, I haven't gone out with parents for almost five years. I would rather travel alone than going sightseeing with them. That always makes me stressful and embarrassed to some extent. It is hard to explain. Maybe young adults like me always try hard to stay away from hometown and parents for so called freedom. Anyway, still a nice journey with family. August If it was not because CNR asked me to assistant shooting docum ...
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Share Review of 2015: Choice and Action (1)
Yuannn 2016-1-2 16:48
Review of 2015: Choice and Action (1)
For me, It seems like a ritual to give a summary to the last whole year at the beginning of each new year. So here, on the second day of 2016, I’d like to write down my review of my life in the past 2015. January The year of 2015 started with choice. At that time, I was recommended for admission to be a graduate students of CUC without exam. As a result, I had to make a difficult choice between studying domestically and studying abroad. As you can imagine, on ...
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Share Go Back to Tianjin: 50 Days After Explosion
Yuannn 2015-12-14 23:55
Go Back to Tianjin: 50 Days After Explosion
1. It is definitely not seized by a whim to go there. I remembered it clearly that when the explosion occurred, I was writing an article for CNR in a hotel in Hangzhou. Not surprisingly as you may imagine, I did nothing but stayed up all night staring at my phone after the news broke out. Through the network, I saw the rolling smokes, the melting cars, the broken toys here and there. A DISASTER I could have never imagined. To be honest, I wanted to go there the mo ...
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Share [Digest] China: Never Before
Yuannn 2015-12-3 01:04
Simply to say, China is an extremely complex, multifaceted nation. That said, China faces the world with a unique set of new factors. Never before has a country in which up to 300 million people do not have access to clean drinking water competed so strongly with far richer nations and become a global provider of everything from consumer staples to huge feel units. Never before has a state whose concerns are primarily domestic housed three of the seven most valuable companies on the ...
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Share Change the Cultural Cave: Convergence and Divergence
Yuannn 2015-11-30 22:56
Cross-cultural communications take place at the moment in which people changes their “culture cave” from one to another. This is quite easy to understand. When your culture cave is changed, the “shadows” you’re viewing will accordingly change too. Even if the “shadows” stay quite the same, the pattern of decoding the images in the new culture cave will definitely differ from the old one. It is just a matter of degree. So under most circumstances, people stepping into a new cultural ...
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Share Influencing Factors of Culture Differences
Yuannn 2015-11-30 22:55
When we think of culture, no one will deny that there are definitely differences among cultures. As long as getting into a new environment, for example from China to the USA or to the Middle East, the newcomer, even with the least consciousness of cultural studies, can easily and immediately feel the culture shock overwhelmingly knocking on him/her. But, the key point is, what leads to cultural differences and what can account for it? In Plato’s Cave, the “shadows”, w ...
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Share Interpreting Cross-Cultural Communication from the Perspective of Plato’s Cave
Yuannn 2015-11-30 15:40
As a graduate student of CUC majoring in International Journalism and Communication, I am always interested in cross-cultural communication phenomena, and endeavor to give explanations. About a week ago, I saw the Plato’s Cave Theory in a magazine by chance, and then feel that it may be a new and good perspective to interpret cross-cultural communication. The following is my thinking. Imagine that there is dark cave with only one long passage leading to the o ...
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