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Review of 2015: Choice and Action (1)

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For me, It seems like a ritual to give a summary to the last whole year at the beginning of each new year. So here, on the second day of 2016, I’d like to write down my review of my life in the past 2015.

The year of 2015 started with choice. At that time, I was recommended for admission to be a graduate students of CUC without exam. As a result, I had to make a difficult choice between studying domestically and studying abroad. As you can imagine, once people get more than one choice, they will be hesitant rather than determined. There were both pros and cons in every choice. So, yes, it took me a lot of time to make up my mind. Finally, I decided to stay at home and take a further study in International Journalism and Communication.
I have to admit that I regret of doing this choice many times through the whole year. However, I also know clearly that once the decision is made, you can do everything but regret.

The experience of being an internship of a fashion magazine was somehow tired but interesting. I worked for Bazaar Men as a new media editor, and made friends with many brilliant people. Most luckily, I got the chance to participate in the process of interviewing social celebrities, shooting coverage pictures, watching fashion shows and so on. The world of fashion was totally different from my daily routine in every aspect. It was amazing.

Another topic of February was, of course, the lunar New Year, and lucky money from my parents.

March & April
What I did in March and April 2015? If I have to pick up one word to describe these two months, It will definitely be 'writing'. I conducted a cultural study for my graduation thesis. In order to explore the ambiguous phenomena of fan culture, I spent the whole two months' time doing ethnological research -- joining fan clubs and participating activities of fans and interviewing members of those fandom groups. What are they? Why they love their idols so much? What they are looking for? There turns out to be many astonishing research results under the mask of crazy fans.  Everything happens for a reason. Don't judge.

I went to Sri Lanka and stayed there for nearly one month, alone, as my graduation travel. Truly, before my trip I also worried about the possible dangers that may happen to a single girl when traveling abroad, and nearly gave up the plan for several times. But when I looked back, I still appreciated that I started the journey and went around alone. To come, to see, to conquer. Once you decide to start, the hardest part is done. It's no big deal actually.

( I will talk about this trip with details in other articles. )

When I finally came back to Beijing from Sri Lanka, it's time to say goodbye.
I turned in my graduation paper, packed up my stuff, hugged my classmates and friends, and wished them a bright future. 
After four years living in campus of Communication University of China, I graduated.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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