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No matter how much I pretend that the beginning of the new semester is far away, it comes in the end.

After boarding on the train, I know that I have to leave home again. Although I do not want to be too sensitive, the sadness still encloses me. The sense of nerve became the aching stomach for me again. I frequented the bathroom even before checking in for the train.

You see, I am unwilling to leave home for school. However, it is always sensible to accept the truth and adapted to it.

From now on, I have to learn to get used to the sense of fresh start. It will not last for a long time for sure. I just need some time to accept the reality.

A new semester, a new start.

Just find out where you still need to learn and work on it. Conquering all those difficulties, you will find that you are nearer to your dream than before gradually.

Therefore, I make up mind to work hard again.

As I student who major in translation, I realized that translation is never so easy as I thought before. Translation is truly an art. In order to produce good works, there are many things to work on.

Cherish the time of being an undergraduate and learn to grow up.

Sometimes, I always feel that I am still a girl as young as twelve years old. But, it is not true. I need to become stronger and have a strong heart.

When I was young, I always tell my parents when I was under the weather. However, I have not done so after entering the university. Simply, worries should not trouble my parents since I can take care of myself.

Yesterday may be rose or black, tomorrow could be brighter.

Just move on to the destination.

The time waits no one. And you only live once.

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