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My Childhood Memory-the Proof of Siesta

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These days, I usually slept for more than two hours at noon. After waking up from my siesta today, a piece of childhood memory came to my heart out of the blue. That is the proof of siesta during my primary school years.

Can you imagine what the proof was that I had slept at noon during these days? It was simply a piece of paper wrote I have slept for half an hour at noon with the signature of my parents. Not only do the students at my primary school had to show their parents their test papers, but also asked our parents for the proof of siesta.

You may find it kind of strange. Part of the prerequisite we could make it was that my primary school has no boarders. All of the students go home to have lunch during the noon break. The distance between the school and my home is no more than ten minute’s walk. Therefore, the teacher requested the students to hand in their proof of siesta before the afternoon classes begin. The class monitor were in charge of collecting the proofs and telling teacher if any student fail to do so. I did not remember whether there was any punishment for those misbehaviors. However, every student handed in their proofs in my memory. The worst scenario was some classmate wrote one immediately and asked the expert of imitating parents’ signatures to take the place of the real ones. The skill was treated as treasure during those times. And the students who were capable of it were highly respected among us. Those childhood tricks were quite funny without considering the fact that they were cheating.

At first, I failed to understand why our teacher had to make sure that we had slept. Because I was so energetic those times that falling asleep at noon was like a torture for me. I would rather watch TV or play with my toys instead. However, as I grew up, I was no longer that full of beans. Siesta gradually becomes a habit for me. After experiencing several drowsy classes in the high school, I finally made up my mind to sleep for a while at noon. The siesta is efficient at refreshing one for the rest of the day.

Walking into the college classrooms, you may find one or two students who fell asleep on their desk with the teacher giving lectures in front of him or her. I find this kind of scenario quite disappointing. The faces shown on the classes should be full of vitality instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have trouble getting through your afternoon with a clear mind, please have a nice siesta. You man hand in your proof of siesta to someone like me if necessary. Just remember to keep the balance beween work and rest!

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