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DIY traditional Chinese medicine-dried tangerine peel

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     Last year witnessed Youyou TU won the Nobel prize in Medicine for the discovery of Artemisia annua L, which was inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine. Ever since then, the it was brought on the table on and off. People are interested in finding out more about the traditional Chinese medicine. Certainly, the Artemisia annua L is only the tip of the ice berg. We can encounter more surprises in traditional Chinese medicine if we keep going on and on.

     We Chinese are familiar with the traditional Chinese medicine for it always shows up on our dinner table. For example, many traditional Chinese medicines are used as condiments in the hot pot. Not only are they enlighten the flavor of the dishes, but also benefit your health. The traditional Chinese medicine may help you gain more energy and release your pain gradually. Do not rush to the drug store now. Let me show you how to DIY traditional Chinese medicine-dried tangerine peel in this passage. You can get your home-made traditional Chinese medicine simply following the instructions as follows.


     The first thing we need is raw materials. Surprisingly, no money needs to be paid for our raw materials here. Just keep the tangerine peel after you finish enjoying the pulp. The peel of the grapefruit is welcomed as well.


     Once you have the peel at hand, find a place where it is windy and sunny. The balcony is highly recommended here. It is even better to put the peel on the heater if you have one or you live in the northern part of China. Have the peel heated for one day till it is fully dried. The peel of the grapefruit might take more time since it is thicker.


     As long as the peel is dried, you can find a bottle to stock the peel. A plastic one is acceptable as long as you can have the container sealed.

     Till now, all the work is done. What is left to do is simply waiting to enjoy your homemade traditional Chinese medicine. A treasure is worthy of waiting, isn’t it? Yes, you have to wait for three years to reopen the container. You may go to the drug store now and get some tangerine peel to see If you like it.

     There are two tips for you to enjoy the tangerine peel. One is to put the tangerine peel in hot water, which is used it as a kind of tea. It tastes perfect with wolfberry. Honey can be added into the drink if you like. This drink can help you recover from the cold, indigestion and so on. Another tip is to add the tangerine peel as ingredients while stewing meat. The meat will taste better if you have the tangerine peel to go with it.

     Do you know how to DIY the dried tangerine peel now? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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