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Share DIY traditional Chinese medicine-dried tangerine peel
2016-1-18 14:46
DIY traditional Chinese medicine-dried tangerine peel
Last year witnessed Youyou TU won the Nobel prize in Medicine for the discovery of Artemisia annua L, which was inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine. Ever since then, the it was brought on the table on and off. People are interested in finding out more about the traditional Chinese medicine. Certainly, the Artemisia annua L is only the tip of the ice berg. We can encounter more surprises in traditional Chinese medicine if we keep going on and on. &nb ...
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Share There is so much fun while I am translating news
2016-1-17 18:01
L astweekwitnessedmytranslationoftheinternationalnewsforthewechatof ForeignLanguageTeachingAndResearchPress unipus. I gotthechancetotranslatethenewsafterwinningthesecondprizeofthereading competition . Considering thefactthat I major& ...
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Share Never too old to go to the zoo
2016-1-15 08:54
On Wednesday, I went to the zoo with my mother. You may think that I am already too old to go to the zoo considering the fact that most of people who go there are children with their parents. However, I love seeing those cute animals in the zoo. Thus, I visit them once I have time. This winter might be a little too cold. When I arrived at the zoo with my mother, most of the animals were napping. Active as there were, they could not be more quite this time. Th ...
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Share Preparation for the new year
2016-1-14 23:01
After getting off the train to my hometown, I went to buy the groceries for this new year. We are accompanied by my father’s workmates, one of them drove the car for us all. Our fisrt stop is the fish market. It is located in the center of Jinan. We found out that the fish there are all taken from the freezer. Therefore, there were a bunch of ice on the surface on the fish. There are more than fishes in the market. Shrimps, whelks and even muttons could be found there. ...
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Share My experience of using the SDL Trados
2016-1-11 20:01
My experience of using the SDL Trados
Last week, one of our teacher asked to translate one piece of passage by adopting the SDL Trados software. After learning and practicing the use of this software, we thought it would be easy to finish this task. However, a bunch of problems arose during our task. Just like the old Chinese saying goes, “ You will never know it until you practice with it. ” While we were learning the SDL Trados software, we found it pretty trivial and hard to use. Unfamiliar as we were with ...
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Share My internship in Tianjin Port in Novermber
2015-12-14 21:37
In November, I worked as a receptionist in the Tianjin Port. This internship is requested by our college for us to practice our abilities to use English during work. Interestingly, the passengers I met were always Chinese due to the increase of Chinese tourists. Therefore, I took part in the internship without saying one sentence in English. Anyhow, I learned a lot from my internship in the end. Nearly everyone in our department took part in the internship. We got up as earl ...
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Share My failure of the speaking competition taught me a lesson
2015-12-14 13:43
Last Sunday, I participated in the 21stChina Daily “21st Century Coca Cola Cup” National English Speaking Competition. I did not receive an ideal reward from the competition. However, this competition did teach me a lesson. Before the competition, I was proud of my getting the chance to join the regional final. Considering how fluent I can speak English, I did not think this competition would not be so hard for me to deal with. Surprisingly, it was after the competition that I t ...
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