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Share 2016-03-29
2016-3-29 20:23
A good relationship doesn't take place in coincidence. It relally takes time to grow and it requires tolerance and patience between the two with faithful hearts to stay together.
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Share 2016-03-05
2016-3-5 09:29
One of my best friend, Sandra, who studies in the same college as I do. We care about each other as very good friends. We share every little thing happen to us. The first time I met her, she was a vey shy girl and she didn't talk much unless you are close to her. And still, this is her. But for me, I am a very outgoing girl who like bitching everything. I didn't know we would become such great friends together the first time we met. But we did and we still are very close now. One t ...
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Share From my Dearest Friend
2015-12-18 23:14
I know a woman who has eaten healthy all her life. nbsp;She never ever consumed alcohol or any bad food.nbsp; She exercised every day and took all vitamin supplements suggested by her doctor.nbsp; She never went in the sun without sunscreen.nbsp; She protected her health with the utmost that anyone could. nbsp;nbsp;She is now 59 and has skin cancer, bone marrow cancer and extreme osteoporosis.divI also know a man who eats bacon on top of bacon, butter on top of butter, fat on top of fa ...
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Share My Little Sister
2015-12-15 10:20
I was faced with indecisiveness as I brought the clean laundry to my little sister's bedroom. At the sight of my sister's journal, I was wondering whether I should open and read it. My little sister, Ann, is 18 years old. She is a senior high school student in Huizhou. Ann has a charming and lovely smile with a very attractive and wonderful personality. She is also very intelligent and hard-working in her studies. As Ann’s older sister, I came to fee ...
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Share 2015-12-07
2015-12-7 13:33
I remember the first day when new freshmen came to our college. As I am a assistant of our headteacher for Business English Class 153, my responsibility was to help them enroll and take care of them. It was a very busy day and also, this is my first to be in such position. I felt a little excited because I carried a lot of responsibilities and I wanted to make sure everyone of Business English Class 153 is safe and emotionally ok. So it took up most of my time. I understand it is their d ...
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Share My Campus Life
2015-11-30 23:45
My Campus Life Iam proud of being a university student. I like my college. Not only becauseIam a freshmen herebut also I enjoy my newlife. I 've been here for almost a month, andI must say the campus life here is quite different from whatI 've experienced in high school. For instance, I have more spare time of my own and the right to determine howI li ...
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Share The Way to Success
2015-11-30 23:38
Success is common in every person's life. As pupils, we occasionally succeed in getting high marks on our tests through hard work. When we participate in sports events or games, we may also beat the others we compete against. There are times when we take a part-time job, we may succeed in performing work satisfactorily. All these achievements happen as natural things in our life unless we put in the hard work it takes to succeed. However, have you ever thought deeply about how we reach s ...
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  • 2016-03-05 2017-2-9 20:01

    Friends For Ever. Best wishes For your friendship.

  • 2016-03-29 2017-1-23 00:22

    it is true.

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