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My Little Sister

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  I was faced with indecisiveness as I brought the clean laundry to my little sister's bedroom.  At the sight of my sister's journal, I was wondering whether I should open and read it. My little sister, Ann, is 18 years old.  She is a senior high school student in Huizhou.  
Ann has a charming and lovely smile with a very attractive and wonderful personality.   She is also very intelligent and hard-working in her studies.   As Ann’s older sister, I came to feel these quality in her threatened my place of prominence in the family.
  For this reason, I often purposely sought opportunities to criticize her and make things difficult for her.  I actually resented her good qualities.  As a result, we seldom spoke, even if we were home together.  Her journal lay at my feet, and right at that moment I was filled with curiosity and suspicion.  I didn't even think of the consequences of reading her personal journal; nor did I think about her privacy or how reading her journal might leave her heartbroken. No, instead, I selfishly wanted to find out her weak points, so that I might stand a chance beating her down.   As her older sister, it was easy to convince myself that reading her journal was my obligation.   I told myself that I was merely checking on her personal thoughts to make sure her life was Okay.  I even convinced myself that it would be wrong of me if I didn't check to see what she had written.  Finally, I overcame my indecision; I opened the journal and read secretly.  
  I flipped through the pages quickly as I searched for my name.  I was hoping to find something that would give me a reason to be angrier and feel self-righteous about causing her more troubles.   When I finally hit on my name, I stopped and read the words.  My face reddened ridiculously with regrets and shame.   It was far more than I suspected.   As I read, I came to realize that I was completely wrong about her.   I felt faint and I went down to the floor.   Her journal was nothing like I imagined.  It was almost all about her study plans and her ambitions for her future.   What's more, there was a bright description of someone who meant a great deal to her.  It caused me to cry.
  As I read I came to understand that I was my little sister’s hero.  She looked to me as her brilliant example.  She actually admired my personality and my achievements. My little sister had been watching me, observing my actions and taking note of my life choices.  I stopped reading.  I felt ashamed.  But, I realized right then; it was time for me to admit my wrongdoing.   I had been pushing her away; I had put so much efforts into competing with her.  I had spent so much time ignoring her attentiveness and ability because of my jealousy.  And I constructed barriers between. 
  Reading those earnest words written by my little sister, I felt the icy barrier melt that was deep in my heart.  Now, I longed to know Ann again with sincerity, respect and love.   I put aside the laundry and rose back to my feet. I went to her.  This time it was to embrace her not to ridicule or fight with her.  No, instead I went to my little sister with love and no resentment. 


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Hmm ... mhm ... mmm ...
Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-12-15 11:43
fortunately, no result could be better than finding yourself mortified.

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    Friends For Ever. Best wishes For your friendship.

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