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Share 2015-11-27 Taking Real Actions and Always Keeping on the Run
Wennie_Shi 2015-11-27 15:33
There is an elegant and good-looking young lady in her thirties going in for English language teaching and trainning in Shanghai, I knew her for three years and witnessed her little ups and downs in chasing her dream. She is a hundred percent fluent in English herself and treat everyone nicely. I believe many of you would suck in her charm once you got to know her. Why I wrote several lines about her? It's because I got inspired from what she had done. I just finished my college y ...
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Share 2015-11-25 Love and Life
Wennie_Shi 2015-11-25 16:19
This morning when I was going through in wechat an eye-catching name brought my attention, which reads Don’t Panic Baby, I Will Always Be with You, so I clicked and finished it with tears swelling. The article was written by a father whose only daughter was diagnosed with the peculiar Niemaoh-Pick Disease when she was in primary school, early symptoms of which includes anorexia and unbalanced body acts, so her daughter was gradually getting exhausted and unable to do simple ...
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