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Share My Happy New Year
Princess_Ida 2016-2-15 23:29
New year,new beginning.These days,I have spent a fantastic festival. The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.The term "pass year" is used for the Spring Festival(Chinese New Year).The word "Year" in Chinese characters used to mean a horrible beast.To conbat the beast,the Chinese hang “goog luck” wishes on red paper on the door and use fireworks in the belief that the beast fears red and fire.This tradition in many ways resemble the Western belief of using garlic and cros ...
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Share Valentine's Day
Princess_Ida 2016-2-15 21:01
Yesterday isValentine's Day,and how about yourValentine's Day?I think it must be very nice.Today,I find a set of beautiful pictures used to celebrateValentine's Day,now I will share it with you. 1. Smile coronal hole On August 21,2013,three coronal holes(dark) on the SDO composed a lovely smiling face,the eyes and mouth all smiled bent.Bless Happy Valentine's Day to everybody! 2. Heart-shaped flare On September 10,2014,the sun broke out X1.6 X ...
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Share Stop Being Slaves to Schedules
Princess_Ida 2016-2-15 19:00
It is often said that people who has no plan for their work will easily mess up their life.Therefore,to some extent,a schedule is important.But if we over do it with a rigid schedule,there will also lay some disadvantages for our life. With a faster pace of social development,people have more work to do and more and more slaves to schedules show up.For these people,life is compared to a programmed computer.All they need to do is to do as the schedule.There will be little interest left and all ...
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Share Childhood Hardship Contributes to Better Life in Adulthood
Princess_Ida 2016-2-15 17:28
There is a saying that children who are brought up in relatively less well-off families are better prepared for problems of adult life than those in wealthy ones.To a certain extent I agree to this idea,because children who grow up in poor living conditions are stronger physically,and more mature psychologically. Firstly,children who are brought up in relatively poor families,for the most of the time,they have to contribute physical labor to finance their families' operation.Through hard work ...
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Share Fast Food
Princess_Ida 2016-2-15 15:02
Do you like fast food?Some one say yes,for they hold the view that fast food can save a lot of time and it is cost-effective.But others think that fast food is harmful to their health,so they dislike it. Eating is one of the human's activities that it is enjoyable.There are many kinds of food available to eat,no exception is fast food.Fast food originatedfromtheWestparticularlytheU.Sandspread theworlduntilit&nb ...
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Share Should We Celebrate Western Festivals?
Princess_Ida 2016-1-19 11:03
Nowadays, more and more Chinese people tend to attach more importance to Western festivals, such as Christmas and Valentine's Day. According to a recent survey, college students celebrate Western festivals more often than other people. This phenomenon has aroused many people's attention. Whether we should celebrate Western festivals has become a subject of heated discussion, and different people hold different views. Some people deem that celebrating Western f ...
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Share Stress in Modern Life
Princess_Ida 2016-1-15 23:16
Do you have stress in modern life?As everyone knows,stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it.We are always feeling on the go from morning till night with the pace of modern life continues to increase.And it is hard to slow down.It seems to us that everyone around us is aggressive.Therefore,whatever one does,he always feels under stress.It is clear that stress has much to do with the life in a competitive society. However,different people hold different views. ...
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Share Walking On Campus
Princess_Ida 2016-1-15 21:38
My campus is very beautiful in this season.I like walking on campus to feel its beauty.So today I spent some time in enjoying it. I like walking on the road covered by yellow leaves,and I also like bathing in the warm sunlight. The wind is blowing,and leaves fall to the ground.I will pick up one leaf and put it in the book to memorize this beautiful season. In the afternoon,it began to snow.The weather is so changeable. Another reason for I like walking on campus ...
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Share The Ending Of 2015 And The Starting Of 2016
Princess_Ida 2016-1-1 23:59
This is the first day of the new year How should we review 2015 And how should we look forward to 2016 My 2015 is a colourful year There are happiness and sadness,meet and separation,success and failure It is a year full of memories And it will be an indispensable part of my life Looking forward to 2016 I have many dreams I will spare no effort to achieve my dreams And I will stick to my own hobbies All for a Chinese proverb that I like best: “不忘初心,方得始终” ...
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Share A Date With Tsingtao
Princess_Ida 2015-12-15 18:23
A few days ago,I went to Tsingtao,one of the most beautiful cities in China.I love this city and I have lots of memories here.So I will share something special about this trip with you. Zhan Qiao,the symbol of Tsingtao.It is 10 meters wide,440 meters long.This long bridge has witnessed the development of Tsingtao.Walking on it,you can feel the history of Tsingtao. The May Fourth Square is built to commemorate the May Fourth Movement,and it can call for people to work hard for the c ...
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