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  Spring Festival is also called Guo Nian in Chinese, the most significant traditional Chinese festival, marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It is great occasion for family reunion, which means that people away from home for various reasons will always make earnest efforts to come back home before the New Year's Eve for the family reunion dinner. Therefore, I spend the time with my families.

  Before the New Year's Eve, my families began to prepare things that used during the Festival. You can see that a great many people in the shopping center or the streets. Among the places you can feel the atmosphere.

  In order to add the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, My father put up the antithetical couplets. It was said that Nian was a fierce monster; later people found that it was afraid of red color. Thus, villagers chose the antithetical couplet to prevent it from entering their villages. Then, people carried forward the traditional activities.

  Traditionally, lavishly consuming food and drink is a major activity during the Spring Festival. People are particular about the food. Sea food, poultry and meat should be prepared and consumed. Our families were quite enjoying the meal.

  After the meal, we started to watch the Spring Festival Gala Evening. My families had a lot fun during this time. We chatted with each other and enjoy the time we spent together.

  Then, each house began to set off firecrackers. People said that the monster was frightened about the noise of cracking bamboo. Later, it was replaced by the bang of firecrackers. The sound of fireworks reminded you that the New Year was coming.

  Nowadays, with the improvement of the living standards, people have taken up various new ways to celebrate the New Year. No matter what changes there might be, the traditional highlights of the Spring Festival will remain the same: hoping for a propitious and happy new year. Dressed up in their best, people will get together, treat each other to the most delicious foods and exchange auspicious greetings.

  Spring Festival is a good day. A number people choose to celebrate the wedding ceremony. My sister held it yesterday, and I was a bridesmaid. It was exciting! The relations and friends had all attended the ceremony and sent the best wishes. The most exciting part was the moment when the host declared they become husband and wife.

  Traditionally, the Spring Festival season ends with the Lantern Festival which falls on the 15th of the first Lunar month. It is an occasion to display and watch lanterns since the ancient times. Meanwhile, tangyuan is a necessity of this festival, the signs of good luck and indispensable in every household. My families choose to prepare it for the coming Lantern festival on our own. My mom is very talented and she teaches me how to do it. We families are absorbed in the moment and talked a lot and understand each other better.

   In a nutshell, I had spent a happy holiday with my families. It deserves to be cherished.


Putting up antithetical couplets

New Year Eve's Dinner

Watching Spring Festival Gala Evening

Setting off fireworks

Familiy Reunion Dinner

My sister's wedding ceremony

Handmade sweet dumplings

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excellent. Happy Spring Festival 2017

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