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Pujun Market

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When I was little, I regarded accompanying my grandma to the market for produce as an unavoidable chore. I hated it. I refused it. I tried every possible means to announce my discomfort and undoubtedly they were all neglected. A little child as I was, in many cases, I had no alternatives but obedience. The reason of my hatred was simple, as when it was in the 90s decades, management and sanctuary conditions in a traditional market, like the one we used to visit were very poor. There were no few regulations and everybody acted as what they wished. Motors and bicycles were freely admitted to the market and pedestrians had to suffer the emission and noises created by these carriers. People were in a great hurry and yells and shouts burst from one corner to the other, usually because someone knocked into someone. Strange smells permeate in the air. I would definitely avoid the butchers’ and bypass the fish stalls for I couldn’t tolerate the blood smell . Maybe you would say I was too sensitive to bear against the smell, but actually it was more likely associated with the bad ventilation rather than an intolerant nose.
Good news is great changes have taken place in the old market. The administration body of the market initiated a renovation plan in 2003 and other aspects have all achieved great improvement already. 
Opened in the year of 1991, the market now has grown to a complex union composed of four branches and 600 stall and 250 temporary stalls. Still, the market is able to retain its position as the No.1 market in size and in pedestrian volume in the city now. With its abundant variety of produces and cheap prices, it attracts citizen around the district. Customers from abutting districts like Nanhai and Shunde are also drawn to the market. Usually they arrive by bus. The cornucopia of the market owes much to a convenient bus station connecting different parts of the city and an incompatibly enormous outdoor parking bicycle parking lots. That’s right. The unique combination of convenient transportation and abundant produces turn out to be the decisive tractor for visitors. Though it may not match the taste of middle class, yet with its bountiful staples and produces, it is a paradise for ordinary people who wish to get a bargain. Near the market are various kinds of stores that are also crowed with pedestrians. The thrive of the market give rise to local businesses. You can see clothes shops, pharmacies and traditional Chinese medicine stalls.
Food stall selling Siu Mei a Cantonese cuisine name given to roasted meat especially pork, duck and chicken.

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It r4eminds me of something in the past.

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