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Share Auld Lang Syne -- to the Sister Relationship Between Shandong and South Australi
2017-12-1 18:03
I received the cultural delegation from South Australia in the first half of this year, a pleasurable routine that has lasted for 3 consecutive years. This year’s event featured a painting exhibition “Sights and Impressions from South Australia”, which included 10 paintings from 5 visiting artists from South Australian Living Artists Association and dozens of works created by Shandong artists after they paid a visit to South Australia in September last year, a small discussion between cult ...
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Share Exercises at Night
2016-7-27 14:28
I'm back. Finally. And more. I'd been preparing for my third trip to Europe in April since the end of February, facing all kinds of problems and getting more and more agitated each day, while knowing that I must go. And after I came back, vulnerable physically and mentally, I had to, on the one hand, try to adjust to a new working environment (believe me, the environment, in the real sense of the word, verges on being unbearable), and on the other, start the long miserable ...
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Share Spring Festival at My Grandparents’
2016-2-22 14:59
As usual, I paid a visit to my grandparents at a small village of Jiangji town, Ningyang county in Tai’an on the third day of the first lunar month, which fell on February 10. It was the time of the year when kids enjoyed a month-long holiday, adults took a few days off their business and filed work, and everybody was immersed in the festive mood of family reunion and accompaniment. After having greeted all the relatives and neighbors in the village first, every woman took a hand at t ...
Personal category: Family|3573 views|3 comments Popularity 2
Share Believing in Love
2016-2-14 15:43
A friend of mine recently broke up with her Polish boyfriend. This three-year, cross-cultural, and long-distance (with they two staying in China and England respectively for two years) relationship has stirred no small ripples in her family, friends and colleagues, and dramatic scenarios never ceased taking place: she flew to Poland to spend Christmas with his family and he came back twice to visit her in China; her mother so disapproved of her from the moment she got to know they were dating ...
Personal category: Sentimentality|2278 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Should Young People Live Independently or Not?
2016-2-14 08:52
“Chen Ning, I have a question to ask you.” One of my colleagues talked to me seriously while we took a walk after lunch one day. “Oh, what is it?” I was surprised and curious. “You know I’ve been receiving dental treatment continuously for more than a year, and that has cost me a lot of money. Right now I’ve ran out all my savings. I could have taken some money from my parents, but since I have graduated for three years, I decided to borrow money from my friends and coll ...
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Share Mangoes Along the Circular Road in Xiamen
2016-1-29 14:54
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that when one travels, he always wants to bring home some local specialty as gifts for family, friends and himself. Be it embroidered handkerchief and blue calico in the Yangtze River Delta, handmade cappa in Southwest China, or food from the time-honored brands, these little pieces have added great pleasure to the journey itself and are often kept as reminder of the memorable experiences on the way. So you could imagine how excited we were when ...
Personal category: Travelling|2285 views|1 comments Popularity 3
Share Travelling Alone
2016-1-25 16:47
Travelling Alone
※ Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany It would be a loss if you go to Germany without watching one soccer match. But as the tickets for Bayern Munich were sold out long ago, I decided to try my luck at the arena before the game started. So one Saturday morning in October, I took the train from Nuremberg and arrived in Munich with a crowd of young men and women attending the Oktoberfest in traditional costumes and got off at the Arena Stop with ardent fans dressed in red. I thought there wo ...
Personal category: Travelling|3456 views|5 comments Popularity 6
Share Let’s Cherish the Peace We Are Having Now
2016-1-22 11:57
I haven’t watched domestic TV series for a long time, given that all the family disputes between mothers and wives and the pretentious struggling of the young in wealthy families made your working days even more tiresome. But on my last trip home, I chanced upon Yanko, a TV drama about the anti-Japanese war in Yantai, Shandong province back in the 1930s to 1940s and shed tears at certain scenarios despite myself. So when I came back, I began to watch it every day and have just finished this 7 ...
Personal category: What's going on|890 views|0 comments
Share Why do You Travel?
2016-1-14 15:28
Why do You Travel?
Travelling has become a buzzword in recent years, as more and more young people took gap years for global travelling to gain richer and more varied experiences, or resigned from work in the name of “going out to see this big world”. In the meantime, the significance of travelling has been put forth and confused a lot. So, why do you travel? It never really occurred to me until recently as travelling came naturally to me as part of family hobbies, and indeed one of the few good habits ...
Personal category: Travelling|868 views|2 comments Popularity 1
Share My Unending Love Affair with Hong Kong
2016-1-11 10:37
My Unending Love Affair with Hong Kong
I loved watching TV when I was a kid. Twenty years ago there were a few mainland TV serials and still fewer entertainment programs. Instead, Hong Kong TV serials, widely known as TVB plays, were filled with our scanty channels day and night and were immensely popular among children and adults alike. The first one I still remember vividly now is I Have a Date with Spring , in which four girls met each other when working at a discotheque in the 1920s and bec ...
Personal category: Travelling|2234 views|9 comments Popularity 5
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