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Share Auld Lang Syne -- to the Sister Relationship Between Shandong and South Australi
宁檬 2017-12-1 18:03
I received the cultural delegation from South Australia in the first half of this year, a pleasurable routine that has lasted for 3 consecutive years. This year’s event featured a painting exhibition “Sights and Impressions from South Australia”, which included 10 paintings from 5 visiting artists from South Australian Living Artists Association and dozens of works created by Shandong artists after they paid a visit to South Australia in September last year, a small discussion between cult ...
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Share The Fundraising Campaign of Adelaide Festival Centre
宁檬 2015-12-18 16:43
The Fundraising Campaign of Adelaide Festival Centre
Adelaide has been listed among the top ten most livable cities in the world in consecutive years. It is a well-organized city with beautiful parks and beaches, free tram and bus system, and most restaurants per capita in Australia. I had a great chance of working and living there for ten and a half weeks this year, and as much as I enjoyed almost everything there, blue sky and fresh air in particular, what has impressed me most is the way how my counterparts are actively engaged in a ...
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Share It Is the Best of Times
宁檬 2015-12-11 11:23
It Is the Best of Times
It all happened about a month ago when the Provincial Civilization Office came to our institution for appraisal. To start with, we played a 10-minute video showing what we have been doing, in exhibitions, educational programs, publicity, etc, since the opening of the new building almost two years ago. It was the first time I watched the video, and all of a sudden a sense of pride burst out, not only because of what we did, but on the realization that never has culture been attached so muc ...
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