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Share Football Princess
2016-7-7 09:56
Football Princess
Compared to girls who are dancing in the classroom or who want to be a journalist,I appreciate the one that fond of playing football.She is the only girl in the football class.When i watched their teacher had the football class outdoor in the playground,i felt that she was the most energetic. Her teacher told me that she is the most brave girl he had ever seen.Yesterday afternoon she came to school very early and then played football with her calssmates ...
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Share The second summer social ptactice to Gantang senior high school in Huangshan
2016-7-4 16:55
The second summer social ptactice to Gantang senior high school in Huangshan
When you grow up gradually,you will be adapt to the busy life.The preprations for the final exam made me toally tired out.But when it actually ended,I even thought that iwas not as excepted the summer holiday as i was before.Do you know the flood in Anhui Provice,where the local meteological authority issued an orange alert for rainstorms? Even rained heavily these days,all of my team for this summer social practice keep walking.We arrived at Huangshan yesterday ...
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Share 2016-04-15
2016-4-15 21:57
So tired.Good night.
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Share The sky in my eyes
2016-2-11 22:31
The sky in my eyes
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Share Time of New Year!
2016-2-6 21:47
Time of New Year!
I'm very enjoying these days to be with my family.When i grow up,i'm not expect TheSpring Festival as before.But only in the Spring Festival,my parents can go back home to celebrate the most important traditional festival. No matter where people work,they will go back to home in this day.Different places have different customs in China.what is the same is that people are busy preparing for the Spring Festival,especially in the twelfth month of the lunar year.Such as c ...
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Share Two children are much better than one
2016-1-20 09:51
Two children are much better than one
Nowadays,a large number of familiesonly haveone child.And some young couples even doesn't want to have baby.In order to control the ever-lasting population,our nationintroduced one-child policy in the late 1970s.And in 2014,China began relaxing the controversial family planning policy,allowing couples to have the second baby if the mother or father was an only-child.Until now,with theincreasing number of the old people,our nation has introduced the two-child polic ...
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Share She said she would lock her cellphone in the cabinet!
2016-1-6 23:02
She said she would lock her cellphone in the cabinet!
We are still preparing for the final exam.I can never image that we have the ability to learn all the knowledge by ourselves in the neighbour of a weekinstead of the whole term.Every morning we can see many students in the classrooms or get up very early to reserve seats in the library to study.However,several minutes passed,we always can't help touching the cellphone in the pockets.In order to make us under the control and our attention more concerntrated,leave the cellphone in th ...
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Share Several pictures of my daily life to share here
2015-12-28 18:49
Several pictures of my daily life to share here
A lazy cat in my school Green carnations (one of the bands named DNA prepared it on some audiences' seats in the evening party which celebrated for the new year's coming,i'm one of the lucky dogs.I put it on my desk,and it is blooming now.) A bunch of white gypsophila
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Share Lonely Grandmother
2015-12-27 11:09
Lonely Grandmother
Grandmother refers to my mother's mother.She is about 90 years old.Grandmother nurtures seven offspring,one son and six daughters in her life.But when she is old now and my grandfather haspassed away for nearly ten years,she lives herself without anyone else's company. You can think about a big family with seven children,and then children's children and even the children are parents now.No doubt that when all of my aunts and uncles grows up,they will make up their own famil ...
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Share The final exam is around the corner!
2015-12-21 12:58
The final exam is around the corner!
Different universities' winter holidays begin at different time.Some of my senior high school classmates study in the north of China have already began to enjoy their holiday.However,we are preparing for the final exam now.I has finished the oral English test and aerobics test.And tomorrow's evening,there is an optional calss test waitting for me.But it is a test of general chemistry.For me,as a student who is studying arts,it may be very difficult.And nextare several specilized cl ...
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