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Football Princess

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   Compared to girls who are dancing in the classroom or who want to be a journalist,I appreciate the one that fond of playing football.She is the only girl in the football class.When i watched their teacher had the football class outdoor in the playground,i felt that she was the most energetic.

  Her teacher told me that she is the most brave girl he had ever seen.Yesterday afternoon she came to school very early and then played football with her calssmates.But unfortunately,she fell down when she was playing and hurt her knee.As soon as her teacher and our team leader knew that,they came outside to the drugstore to buy some mercurochrome and band-aids.She didn't cry and even felt painful.When our photographer was taking photos of her,she just watched him and smiled happily.

  The girl is Zhai Chenxi,11 years old and grade four.She didn't have a rest and had the class as the other boys.They had a small football game yesterday afternoon.During that time she also fell down,but every time she fell,she just got up and continued.Playing football brings her happiness.

  What the most impressive impression she gave to me is that her love and enthusiasm for football and the persistence and her brave.I hope she can always persist of what she love and happy all the time!She is my football princess!

(From the very begining,I even think summer social practice is a kind of activity that will waste our time and money,but now I don't think so.Everyday i'm here,i was moved and learned a lot from the innocent and cute children.I feel so thankful to have this experience.)



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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-7-8 16:48
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report 木格花窗 2016-7-8 17:08
voice_cd: Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it.
Thank u.I'm very glad to share my voluntary life here.
Reply Report jaseminsibo 2016-7-16 10:42
It is so encouraging to see girls engaging in all kinds of active outdoor activities! I was a junior coach in my neighborhood soccer team in Malaysia and i remember seeing the looks of 2 young girls when they saw me kicking the ball on the field. It wasn't because I was extremely good, i was a very raw player myself. But the fact that i was a woman playing football on the field gave them hope.
Reply Report parcher 2016-7-18 19:15
Good luck to her

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