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Two children are much better than one

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  Nowadays,a large number of families only have one child.And some young couples even doesn't want to have baby.In order to control the ever-lasting population,our nation introduced one-child policy in the late 1970s.And in 2014,China began relaxing the controversial family planning policy,allowing couples to have the second baby if the mother or father was an only-child.Until now,with the increasing number of the old people,our nation has introduced the two-child policy.In this way,the society and family burden maybe can be reduced.As far as i am concerned,it is much better that there are two children in one family.How lucky i am!I have a younger brother.Of course,if i have a elder brother but not younger brother,it can be better.In that way,he can take care of me rather than i take care of my younger brother.

  My roommates always envy me that i have a brother.Although i complain to my partents about my sharing of all the things with my brother,i still feel happy from the bottom of my heart.Life with a brother can be more interesting.My brother is four years old younger than me.But we have many same topics.When we were little child,we sometimes fought,and it needn't much time to let us make up.My patents work outside almost the whole year.Only when the Spring Festvial is approaching,they will go back to home.So it is my brother who always accompany with me.We go to the supermarket to buy snacks and share with each other.In my high school,we went to run and play badminton toghter.Since i have went to my university we didn't live toghter.So only in summer holiday and the winter holiday we can see the other.

  He sent me a big package,which was full of snacks,such as cookies,snickers,milk tea and so on.I was so moved and surprised.Last time in his birthday,i was so busy with my studying and the part-time job.So i forgot it was his birthday.On that night about 10 o'clock,he gave me a call,"what's the matter?" "do you forget something?" "what?" "i thought you must be the first one who would call me this morning,and i wait.But you didn't.And then i thought you maybe call me at noon.And i wait.But you have totally forgot it is my birthday today."He said and couldn't help crying.I felt so sorry.And i had never known that i was so important for him.

  We look after each other during the time when our partents are working outside.If i stay at home lonely,it can be very boring.I still remembered that many people said to my mother when she was shopping with my brother and i,"how lucky are you to have one son and one daughter!" I want to say,"i'm very grateful to my partents for giving me a brother.It makes me learn how to share with onthers and take care of others."



(Winter holiday begins!)

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Reply Report Kevinfly 2016-1-21 11:15
I have same experience with you. When I was an child, I did not have such happy feeling of have brother. But now I feel so great to have my brother. He is the best present my parents give me.
Reply Report 木格花窗 2016-1-21 18:11
Kevinfly: I have same experience with you. When I was an child, I did not have such happy feeling of have brother. But now I feel so great to have my brother. H ...

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