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procrastination is a big problem

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I haven't writen anything for quite a long time, it was not that I didn't want to write or to do. In fact, I have a long list of to-do things, and  many ideas break into my mind everyday. But it was just because I did take prompt actions when I wanted to do them, as time went by, they slid out of my mind. Next time, when they come again, same thing happen, and again and over again. Finally, nothing has been done. 
I have been living here for a long, and I have been thinking about sharing some of my own life experience here and some stories of Guangzhou. I want to video some famous scenic spots which can show the features, cultures and tradition of Guangzhou so that the audiences who watch them can have a big picture of Guangzhou and learn something which can be useful for them when they come to travel in Guangzhou. 
I have done much thinking. I thought about which scenery to be videoed, how I should video it, which part to be emphasized on, what story to be told, and which platform I should post the video, but the last and most important thing is that I have not yet taken a further step. No actions have I ever taken. 
whenever I would like to do something, to take action and work on it, something would pop out to distract me, and I can always easily find me some excuses to procrastinate, to put it off. Procrastination has been a great problem stopping me moving forward. 
Is there useful measure or method that can help solve this problem? 

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