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A Drunkard's Life---4.2

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As for Kim, about six years had been gone since he retired from the military, and he was almost 25 years old. In his village,he who was not married till a age of 25 was considered to be an old boy, compared to his fellows who mostly got married around 20. What’s worse, the older he was, the more difficult for him to get married. So his parents was worried that he may probably have no chance to get married in the future. Then, his parents and elder brothers started to ask the matchmakers for help. They hoped the matchmaker could introduce some girls to him, and helped him get married soon.

One day, the matchmaker came to him and told him, she would like to introduce a girl to him. He happily accepted and was willing to meet the girl soon. So the matchmaker started to arrange a blind date for them.

Next day, he followed the matchmaker’s order and went to the town, where he met the girl. Things went very well that day. As what was said before, he was strong and always well-dressed, the girl seemed to be impressed by him, on the other hand, he was also attracted by the girl.

It was said that if the girl liked the boy on the blind date, she would go to the boy’s home and have a dinner there, so as the girl could meet the boy’s parents and family members, as well as to have a look at his house, then the girl could decide whether to continue the relationship with the boy or not. And if a girl refused to visit the boy’s home, it was said that the girl probably didn’t like the boy. Then, both of them would need to look for another chance. And the matchmaker would have to arrange another blind date for them.

Kim asked the girl to go visit his home that day. He was hoping she would accept his invitation. But,unexpectedly, she rejected. Instead, she would like to date with him, as she was considering to know him more before she went to visit his home.  

For the following few months, they dated very often. And there was no need to say they’ve fell in love with each other. They hung out whenever they were available. Before long, the girl came to his home. Of course, she was satisfied with the house, as he was living alone in his own house. As you know, at that period of time, many people would have to live with their parents after married. Many big families would also live in a small house.  

After that, the girl would sometimes come to visit him and help him do the housework or even help with the farming. Everyone in the village knew he had a girlfriend. His neighbors often made fun of him by asking when he was going to get married. He would just reply “soon”.

When all his families and neighbors were wondering that they would soon get married, something happened and totally changed the situation. It happened unexpectedly, but not surprisingly. As you know, when people come to know someone, at the very beginning, every one would like to show out his bright side,and hide the dark side of themselves. So they would like to behave good,show good manners so as to hide the bad habits. So in lover’s eyes, their partner was perfect, was the best one in the world,even though someone would tell him/her that it was not true. But the longer they stayed together, the more they learned about each other, then the more bad habits and dark sides of them were discovered.

So few months later, she found Kim had a very bad temper, which turned out to intolerable for her. Sometimes, he would easily get angry with trifles, besides, he would unreasonably lose his temper. what’s worse, he was a drunkard. He liked drinking rice wine very much, and he would unexpectedly do something crazy and uncontrollable after drinking, such as screaming, singing, or quarreling with others,even fighting if someone was there.

It was on a hot summer day that she came to realize it. One of his neighbors moved to a new house, and traditionally, there would be a party to celebrate the completion of the new house. And the owner of the house would like to invite his families and neighbors to join the party. So he was invited.

In Chinese culture, drinking wine on the banquet was a tradition. All men were supposed to drink some wine. That night, he drank a lot and finally got drunk. He was too drunk to walk home by himself. As a matter a fact, he couldn’t go anywhere except lying down on the floor and keeping vomiting.

What’s worse, he would also beat those who tried to move him out. Didn’t knowing what to do, the host had to ask his brothers, Walt, Rum,Gavin and Mark to take him home. His brothers were very angry when they were told Kim was drunk again. Unwillingly, but they had no choice, as they were his brothers, they had to come and take him home. When they saw him lying on the floor, they burst out, and started to blame him for drinking too much.

“You can’t drink so much, why do you drink too much?”, angrily, said Walt, his eldest brother.

“You always bring troubles to others,if you still drink so much next time, we will not take care of you.” said Rum, his second brother, who rolled up his sleeves, bent down and tried to grasp Kim’s right hand. So fast, Kim hid his hand back, to escape Rum’s grasp. And said: “ I will not bother you guys, I will take care of myself, who ask you to come, just leave me alone.”

“If I am not your brother, I would rather leave you here, and I would not even give you a glance.”said Gavin, his third brother.

“You guys just leave me alone, I don’t need your help, I can go home by myself.” Kim insisted, being angry with his brothers’ condemnation,he was mumbling, some words were not understandable.

“Stop quarreling, just take him home, and stop bothering others.” said Mark, the youngest brother, willing to leave as soon as possible.

His brothers came all together to catch him, one grasped his right hand, one left hand, one held his right leg, and the rest on the right leg. They wanted to move him back to his home. But he was not a dead man, and he was not willing to be taken back home. He tried to struggle, and did what he could to get rid of their control. But failed.

They kept condemning Kim for drinking too much and bringing troubles to them and their neighbors on the way home. He once tried to quarrel back, asking them to release him, and let him go,but he was too drunk to struggle away, though he kept trying his best to get out of their control all the way home.

On the half way home, Kim suddenly pulled his legs back and stretched them out fast. Gavin and Mark, who were holding his legs,could not control the suddenly shock, they lost his legs. Gavin, who was holding his right leg,was heavily kicked on the chess. What a painful shock. Kim’s legs and bottom fell on the floor heavily. But he was still too drunk to stand on his feet.

Gavin was very angry, an idea came to his mind immediately, he turned around and left. But his brothers called him back to take Kim home first. Though unwillingly and angrily, they finally dragged him home.

The next morning, Kim’s girlfriend came to visit him and was told what happened last night. She was a little shocked. At the same time, she started to worry about how she would get on well with someone like him, who had bad tempers and so many disgusting bad habits. She worried how she could run away if he,even not on purpose, would beat her someday.

What’s more, she finally come to know about the accident occurred to him, and the permanent damage on his brain. And she thought all these unhappy things were related to his brain damages, which, as it was said, was incurable and going to be with him for his whole life. She was sad and disappointed, after taking all these things into consideration, she, though unwillingly, finally made up her mind to break up with him, and left him forever. She loved him, which was for sure, but she couldn’t put her life at just a risk. And her parents would not allow her to marry someone like him.

His love story ended, an unhappy ending. This was his first love, but also the last one,because it turned out to be the only love he had in his life time.       (to be continued...)

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