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Share A Drunkard's Life---4.3
2019-1-9 20:00
When the girl broke up with him and left him forever, he was so sad and heart-broken. At the same time, he was also regretted for what he had done. “I should not have drunk so much”,thought to himself. Regretful as he was, but nothing can he do to make a change, or to make things up. He thought that sadness,loneliness, disappointment and frustration all came to him in a time, which really made him mad and despaired. In order to eliminate all these bad feelings, to stop missing his ex-g ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life---4.2
2019-1-8 19:09
As for Kim, about six years had been gone since he retired from the military, and he was almost 25 years old. In his village,he who was not married till a age of 25 was considered to be an old boy, compared to his fellows who mostly got married around 20. What’s worse, the older he was, the more difficult for him to get married. So his parents was worried that he may probably have no chance to get married in the future. Then, his parents and elder brothers started to ask the matchmakers for h ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life---4.1
2019-1-7 22:03
How time flew, few years have gone since the day he came back to the village. And he finally turned to be a grown-up man. In general, people would like to get married at a age around 20 at that time, as it came to the time that they were strong enough to form a new family and take the responsibility to raise a new generation and take care of the elderly. Kim started to served in the military at a age of 18, and he spent three years there. What’s more, another three years had been ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life---3
2019-1-5 14:41
In early 1990s, on one hand, people couldn’t afford to buy a TV or a computer, on the other hand, TVs and computers were not sold in his hometown. So there was no TV, or computer in his village at that time. Only few people had a radio. But people could do many things to entertain themselves. Games like playing card and Chinese chess were very popular among the villagers. Whenever people played these games, a crowd of people would gather around to be bystanders. And Chinese chess was the most ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life---2
2019-1-4 19:30
He came back home and lived in his own old house alone, as his parents were living with his brothers. Single as he was, he had to live on himself. He had to cook and do the housework all by himself. When it was time for farming, he would go out and do what he can to help his brothers and parents. When he was tired of cooking, he would go to visit his brothers and parents and had dinner with them. It could be said that he was living a cozy life, a life without any pressure and burde ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life---1.3
2019-1-3 21:27
The next morning, when they turned back to life and had a clear mind, they were asked to the boss’s office where they got the bad news that they were fired. Because they were thought to be unqualified for their job. Sadly and regretfully, but no choice did he have but to leave the company and go home, then try to take another chance to find another job somewhere else. But for Kim, he has never had any chance to find another job for the rest of his lifetime, though he tried many ti ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life---1.2
2019-1-2 20:38
“It was a great honor for me to have the chance to serve in the army, most people would have been longing for it for a long time. I was so happy. I really did”,he said. At that moment, Daming put his ears closer, while pouring some more rice wine in Kim’s glass. “ I hope”, he continued, “ after being trained for three years in the army, I could get a good job. That was the reason why I spared no effort to get a good performance in the training. And I was supposed to have that chance.” h ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life----1.1
2019-1-1 13:37
The sun had gone down to the west, and almost everyone was having supper. In an old house, a man was sitting at a table on the middle of which there was a steamed fish,some vegetables,some sauce and,in front of the man, a glass of some transparent liquid. One can easily tell what the liquid was if he smelled it, it was spirit with strong smell, a local drink people like very much. Above was a small light bulb hanging over the small old table. Book in hand, the man was reading while having supp ...
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Share A Drunkard's Life---Foreword
2019-1-1 13:01
Many years ago, I was planning to write a story about my neighbour, a very special man in our village, who suffered from mental disturbance caused in an accident happened long time ago, when he was serving in the army. And that accident eventually turned out to be a turning point of his life. At the very beginning, I just wanted to write a simple story, describing the weird and strange things he had done, which for most of time can make people burst into laughter,and the way his neighbor ...
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  • An old Chinese saying I like. 2019-4-27 12:33

    SEARU: We should always feel comfortable about the current economic condition although we are trying to improve it! Most foreign friends dislike to discuss p ...
    that is true.
    Perhaps we should cherish what we have and pursue what we want.

  • An old Chinese saying I like. 2019-4-25 09:02

    We should always feel comfortable about the current economic condition although we are trying to improve it! Most foreign friends dislike to discuss personal income.  I think it is pleasure when I can fully make use of time to do meaning things.  Happiness lies much on self-satisfaction!~~

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