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My story with Dr. Xu

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     10 years ago,i was introduced by one friend to Dr Xu to straighten the teeth. I still remember the minute details with him,though it is jst about half hour each time per month.

     He explained to me the principal matters breifly ---- what i had to do daily and the worse results after that. I made a quick decision afer half hour.Bcs i trust the hospital,which is the best orthodontic hospital in Guangdong province,and i felt safe throught the conversation.He let me feel professional,calm ,kind and believable. The sense of safe is so significant for  a patient to submit himself to a doctor who he has no idea about.

    The first step was to take out 4 teeth as most of the patients. He led me by himself to the doctor who was in charge of taking out the teeth. This small action made me feel so warm that he differed than the doctors who should be cool,cold-blooded,or ambitious in my mind.In general,it's not his job to send me there,contrarily i should have gone by myself.He did more in each step but every step counts.

     In the following regular checking every month,i jst lay on the bed ,opening the mouth and he would start his job.I couldn't speak but i always listened to what he said and matched his order. At times,he was concerned about the people  whatever his friends,patients,or strangers ,and he had fun with the kids during the breaks. In the three year i went to the hospital,it was only his door open in the early moring and other doors of doctors were closed till the midnoon. Ten years passed, he has already gained the fame but still works early and sleeps late. I haven't been there for 10 years ,but i am quite curious that if other doctors are the same as before.

    He's the tutor for the graduates as well. Once it was my turn and he was teaching the trainees on my case and he discussed about their thesis. He talked to one of them that he didn't try his best to finalise it and he was disappointed about that .But he didn't speak so frankly that he must be  afraid of hurting them.Considering they r teenages,he gave hints to them that they could pass but they submitted a paper far from perfect .He is mercy to others but harsh to himself. 
     After i finished straightening my teeth ,i hadn't kept in touch with him for a long time. One day my friend requested to check her teeth ,I texted him without any hope. I thought he must ignore my msge bcs a famous doctor was impossible to reply such a trifle .But he repied me  after 10 minutes that he was working in U.S.A and told me the date backing to China.I was so suprised and it was incredible to me that he's so easy-going . He changed the image of a doctor in the people's mind ,much less than a famous doctor.

    Keeping working hard and study hard for 20 years ,he is following the attitudes in the work: humbleness and strictness. When he was a trainee to his teacher Mr Zhang zhi guang,one day they were making the rounds to check patents in the moring. Mr Zhang whispered him to close the door slightly as not to distrub the patients,which arouse him to respect his job and the people he serves.

    He is Dr Xu Yue,is a person of good-humour,a doctor full of obligation and a man forever modest and enthusiastic.

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  • My story with Dr. Xu 2018-12-15 12:46

    SEARU: Judging from your reply, your English level is so high that you should not have made these errors in the blog! Maybe you are a bit careless due to bus ...
    Which sentence of my comment indicates that my English level is high? The way u criticize is not kind at all to the writers, but a curse and it seems that u never made a mistake after your more than 3 times check before your post. So u r giving the hints that the high level is u not me right? if u'r so proud of yourself,u can show hand on your blog exactly not mine.

  • My story with Dr. Xu 2018-12-14 20:29

    Annette_Lee: sure not sir,I m jst an English leaner and my native Language is Chinese. I can’t be so strict as Englishman as u r not strict on mandarin as Chinese ...
    Judging from your reply, your English level is so high that you should not have made these errors in the blog! Maybe you are a bit careless due to busy work. But  we must be responsible for the young reader friends who are learning English and take this newspaper as second textbook!
    I dare not post anything without three times of examination of the script!

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