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Girls' Day

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When entering into university, a thrilling thing introduced to me is the celebration of Girls' Day when girls may feel free to make use of all privilege, and boys are at girls' service. Therefore, this day is also called Queen's Day, from which we can know it is much more romantic than Single's Day, a.k.a. Boys' Day.

Celebration can be various but surprises are unavoidable. From morning to evening, the resounding and repeated confessions of boys outside dorm building pulled us from our dream. In a class with only two boys, we resented it and took it for a show of numbers. Every time I walked pass a crowd of boys waiting outside with necks craning and eyes fixed on the gate of that building in case they fail to finish the task assigned to them, I felt sorry for them. I know I shouldn't feel that way, but I couldn't help to. At this moment, I'll imagine them as lords or dukes contending to pleasing their queen, and always the queen is a quite weak character--with all these smiles and courtesy in response to excessive compliments. Actually, I am not that anti-girls' day, but just draged far away by my imagination. After all, when it comes to my personal experience of such privilege, words fail to espress my feelings.

Boys can be exaggerative in surprising girls. They'll stand downstairs and shouting words labled as sweet and bold. Girls, definitely will make some response--kind of like a traditional courting trick. Besides, when you walk in the campus and cast a glance at a banner which normally catch no attention from people but resigning to its fate at the mercy of wind and rain, then the words” I WANT NOBADY NOBADY BUT YOU" pop into your eyes and then your mind is blank when you check it again, finding it was presenting to girls in business English class. A sense of pride arises from your heart and suddenly you felt a lump coming up to your throat. It seems like you really enjoy such kind of showing and even feel like put a badge with “13 business English” on your clothes, proving that you have not been left out on this particular day.

Despite the fact that we have only two boys in our class, boys have never disappointed us. Every year, variety and sincerity are what they pursue and what we are looking forward to, some girls might claim that we have been too old for such a day intended for young people, but I will never take that—remaining young in the hearts is what counts. Recollecting fragments of memory, I know all those gifts like “love letters,” flowers, rings and post cards, etc, are storing intact in my drawer, except breakfast.

I shall never forget the night when the whole class watched the movie “Secret Agent” together, fascinated by the beauty and intelligence of the two leading actors. Laughter bursting out from time to time, we indulged ourselves in such a happy family time with eye contacts when we saw the romantic scenes. That will become our life-time memory, though the years apart after graduation might disacquainte us, but the reference to this day will surly evoke a touch of familiarity or intimacy inside us.


Gratitude should be the word that bump into my mind at this moment, for the youth, the unity and the years to come. No matter who we make in the future, we shall never forget the original ones.




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