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An epiphayny a message evoked

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Today my aunt added me as a Wechat friend and sent me a message. The message said that she is now working as a cleaner at a school so she gets up five o' clock in the morning. Though only several lines, her trait of diligence and her concern for me was palpable.  

Emigrating to Canada in 1990s, my aunt didn't come back China until I was twelve, but I was too little then to remember how  we talked with each other--she came and left, my meeting with her was not longer than thirty minutes, leaving me little reminiscence except some photos.

I have always thought my aunt surely has made some money after she went to Canada. The stereotype that an emigration from China to Canada or other developed countries would secure the way to wealth somehow generates in me. How? Think about their fat salary compared with that of the same job in China, and cheaper cars, and this and that. My assumption might seem far off the mark, but it was reasonable for it to take root when every time she was mentioned among my relatives, they talked about how much she sent back to my grandparents. 

The distance between us was apparent, not just because she was a stranger to me, but because of my anticipating her as a tough woman who would ask for the same dedication to work. However, as I grew up and initiated myself into knowing her from my mom, I got a clearer pricture of what she is.

My aunt started from scrath with my uncle--first worked as a waiter and went to night school learning English, then gave birth to my cousins and bought a house. There's no free lunch--I hear this saying everywhere, but I always seem to expect  much more than I deserve. If my aunt hasn't sent me the message asking me to "好好读书," if I haven't realized my mistake, if I didn't recall the hard times my family have been through, I won't have such epiphany, down to earth dedication is the most precious trait in the world. But it might have been hiden or discarded by the young generation when ways of achieving a goal is more flexible.

What I  found the most respected in my aunt is her undaunted spirit in commiting to her work, a waiter or a cleaner whatsoever. If it were not for her instruction, I would be mislead by my desires. Thanks, my dear auntie!

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