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Equal as always

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I think the world is created equal. Even though people are born with different start lines, that doesn’t mean he or she should stay on the lines for ever. The important thing is to recognize it, to face it and to change it. However, among my peers I see many don’t think this way. They envy those born with fortune, whose parents are high-ranked officers or who live in wealthy countries. Apart from that, they feel desperate about their life. They find excuses rather than methods. As a result only can they have negative attitudes in their hearts. As years pass by, they accomplish nothing. Do you want to be one of them? I hope after reading this you don’t want to.


The world’s rule is this: regardless of your start line, you are your own master, in other words you change your current status, and all these changes are up to you. If you lost the courage and mettle, you must bear the result about which it brings. Blaming others oftentimes is useless. Focus on your own life, stop being distracted by those you envy, for it is too, useless. Always compare you with your earlier self, not with someone else due to the different lines. Also this can build your confidence, when you see some improvement by your effort. In my view, the praise to the people living in shabby shanties who make themselves out of poverty in Africa should equal millionaires turning themselves into multi millionaires in the west as taking into account different lines they stood at the beginning.


Blaming is prevailing among the new generation. They pay much attention to the wealthy people, blaming their money is not earned in good ways. Or they blame their parents who didn’t provide for them as much money as those wealthier parents did for their children .  However, they never think about changing themselves. They never believe they can do better if they work harder, have positive attitudes or be thankful. As a result, as time flies, they improve little.


I want to mention them that they paid attention to the wrong things. Instead, they should focus on themselves; compare them with themselves. Don’t feel frustrated when the improvement is not huge, for you should know you stand in different lines compared to others. Maybe to you that is a big leap or achievement. So you should be confident, for at least you have changed somewhat. And that is called success. I think you can understand this, maybe you just ignored this before. From numerous cases, we can see people who came to this world with nothing but achieved great things.  Let me give you some examples. Politicians: Mao Zedong, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc.; entrepreneurs: Jack Ma, Liu Chuanzhi, Steve Jobs, Mark Zarkerberg, etc.; scientists, Albert Einstein, Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, etc.; etc.   


Some would say: they are not Chinese, and nowadays’ China is different from ten years ago or 30 years ago.  To them, I would response like this: well, China is at a special stage now, but it doesn’t matter you becoming more successful. There are always many who are able to achieve great things over tough periods. Why don’t you learn something from them?  Stop making excuses as time flies relentlessly even when you are making them. 

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-9-9 10:44
thanks for sharing here, we have recommended it to the homepage.
Reply Report AndrewCraven 2016-9-9 21:33
Thanks, best wishes!
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-9-11 18:05
People's attitude towards equal is different and when different opinion collided .. It's the time to fulfill the concept of equal and change what think about equal ..
Reply Report derrick.shine 2016-9-12 17:54
people are born in different circunstances , in this sense people are born unequal , so people think about start lines , all is about attitude , the tougher situation you are in  , the more effort you should think about to make than other people
Reply Report ysyaileen 2016-9-30 15:17
we can not choose how we were born, but we can change our own life after we were born.
equal or not it is all depend on our mind set.
i don't think the world is fair, but i dont blame it
i know everyone has his own way of life
Reply Report Riz 2016-9-30 20:16
Very Inspiring! Thank you first of all. I can choose to be different by thinking and acting differently. Our thought patterns play a significant role in the making of our destiny. It doesn't matter where you comefrom, what family you were born in. The thing that matters is where are you heading to. Blaming, excuses, complaints, nagging, and procrastinating does no good to you. You've got to be uncomfortable to be comfortable. Your post has a power!

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