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What Caused the China's Fast DGP Growth Over the Last 3 Decades

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For this question, I have checked online and found some answers. 

A netizen named Dong Wu on zhihu- a kind of ask-and-answer website gave his opinion. I quoted and translated as follows:

Technology is a key to the economic development for human beings all over the world . Without advanced technology it is impossible for any economic growth being rapid in a short period. Technology will take 60 years to make a big leap. and the breakthrough cannot be shortened into 30 years. If it can be, we won't be called the 'country of copying'. Before our development , that series of technology is waiting at the corner. If any undeveloped country is willing to develop, the already existed advanced technology can be used directly, like automatic plant lines or computers, ect. 

The second, the system of power collectivism is also very important. for the decision can be made quickly without internal boilings. But there is a vital disadvantage that if it's under the right direction, the result will be milk and honey; if it takes the wrong way,the outcome will be terrific. According to the population advantage , it is a good side. despite it can enlarge the economic volume, it is not a vital condition. Like India, if the decision  can't catch up the trend or current, the population advantage won't help much. 

So without these two core conditions, it is impossible to result a fast development over 30 years. However, as treated as conditons, they also have restrctions too. Which means if any of the condition doesn't fit or exist, the development will slow down or maybe reverse.

Another one named Mr. Six has his own attitude: in the years of poverty, economic development is a top priority. That means humans can trade physical and environmental price for economic development. For example, working over 12 hours in a chemical factory where all meterials may cause cancer. Among this time, only if the politic system isn't too bad, the speed of economic growth won't be caught up by any others. However, after that period, it becomes rather inappropriate to put GDP on the top than to consider the feelings of people. 

What is your attitude or opinion about the tremendous economic development of China over the 30 years? Please leave a comment. 

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a good debate

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