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Share Equal as always
AndrewCraven 2016-9-8 09:54
I think the world is created equal. Even though people are born with different start lines, that doesn’t mean he or she should stay on the lines for ever. The important thing is to recognize it, to face it and to change it. However, among my peers I see many don’t think this way. They envy those born with fortune, whose parents are high-ranked officers or who live in wealthy countries. Apart from that, they feel desperate about their life. They find excuses rather than methods. As a re ...
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Share Wake Up!
AndrewCraven 2016-8-31 10:15
Wake Up!
Hey, wake up! What? Chinese celebrities are advertising page games in line with online games. That’s not a big deal. Really? Yeah, it depends on how you see them. Celebrity advertising games can date back to last decade. But I wasn’t aware of it until one celebrity jumped into my eyes. Fan Wei, whom I have never thought of advertising a page game, a comedian and actor, advertised a game which goes viral on Chinese network. To my surprise, when I searc ...
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Share Two days in Beidaihe
AndrewCraven 2016-8-23 20:37
In the afternoon of the day that we arrived in Xingcheng, we left for Qinhuangdao. It was raining heavily while we were on the high speed way. I kept the speed less than 100 kilometers per hour but always some bigger cars would run past me. They are more expensive than mine, so I think they rely on the better quality of their cars. However, it more seems that they rely their lives on the tires of the car. Why? If the tires slide or exploded, an accident must occur. W ...
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Share What was I doing these days?
AndrewCraven 2016-8-19 10:23
Finally, by the way “finally” is the word that I have saved in Doc. since Monday this week. Thanks to my procrastination, my neck and my 9-day trip. If I hadn’t had this trip, I would have written one or two blogs at least. What’s done has been done, for nothing can buy it back and nothing useful for regret. First of all, my procrastination has delayed my will to write something, although I have decided to make a report when I came back from my trip. Because of m ...
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Share 9 day vacation
AndrewCraven 2016-8-5 10:23
Tomorrow is the start of a successive-9-day leave within payment for me. Nine days’ leave which is so rare for me is the longest days that are available for me to have a trip, which is even longer than my wedding leave. In fact, during my wedding, I took two weeks’ leave, but only 7 days left for me to honeymoon and the other 7 days for the ritual. So as a normal citizen, where to get the most of these nine days is a question for me. I have to make it economical and fulfilling. How to ...
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Share thoughts, thoughts and thoughts
AndrewCraven 2016-8-1 11:13
Something which I want to write them down was pondering in my mind these days. I have been reading Michael Murphy’s book Powerful Attitude, some of the thoughts are enlightened by this book. It is a book that is worth reading, which I recommend you reading it, when you have time. Below this is my thoughts, thank you for your reading. What you are doing now, what you will be in the future What you are doing now determines what you will be ...
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Share Stay in Peace
AndrewCraven 2016-7-26 17:13
A few days ago, I saw how my 3-year-old daughter tortured her toy. At first I showed her how the toy worked. Then I handed it to her. She held the toy and tried several times but it didn’t work in a correct way. With whining, she flings it to the floor with all her strength. I was shocked at the moment. How can a little girl do so in such a young age? But it is not finishing. She then turns aside and pushes the door hard letting it hit against the wall. After a few “bang bang” sounds, ...
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Share Blind Competition and Wanting Them All
AndrewCraven 2016-7-21 10:52
Have you ever had such an experience that one thing that another person possessed was the thing that you wanted to possess too only because that you saw the value when that person enjoyed or used it. However, when eventually you acquired that same thing, you didn’t feel the same passion which you had at the beginning when you saw that person possessed it? Or have you experienced that when you achieved something which took you a lot of time and energy, all of a sudden you found &nb ...
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Share Do Have Hope!
AndrewCraven 2016-7-20 16:44
When I was in the second grade of high school, I was fascinated by basketball. The reason of why it obsessed me was uncertain. Probably because of Michael Jordan, or perhaps because I was tall and when people asked me if I could play basketball, I felt like being humiliated if I replied no. The reason seemed not so important but I really played very devoted. It took me most of the after-school time to practice it when my peers were busy preparing for Gaokao. Once I was too loved of it to ...
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Share Do not under estimate the importance of education
AndrewCraven 2016-7-15 17:03
Do not under estimate the importance of education. Partly education is what your teachers taught you at schools; partly it means self-study in your whole life. But it seems more and more students don’t know this idea and they don’t study hard at the time that they should. Here is a suggestion from me. Let them experience the toiling jobs. For example: washing dishes in the kitchen of a hotel, working 12 hours a day in a factory, being a miner down in a mine, ...
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