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Share Meng Jiangnv Temple
2016-8-27 16:02
Meng Jiangnv Temple
I visited Meng Jiangnv temple on this vacation too. That reminded me the famous love tale about Meng Jiangnv. It is told that in Qin dynasty, there was a family named Meng. One day, the household sowed a gourd plant but it soon grew over the wall to a yard of another family named Jiang and had a gourd there. The gourd split in the middle when it was mature and a plump white baby was lying in it. They gave her a name- Meng Jiangnv. When she was a teenager, all the relatives ...
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Share Cradle of china
2016-6-27 11:00
Dubbed "the city in porcelain ", Jingdezhen is one of the four well-known counties(the others are Hankou, Zhuxian and Foshan) in Chinese history. Located to the south of the Changjiang river, Jingdezhen lies in the northeast of Jiangxi province, connected the edges of Mount Huang and Mount Huaiyu to Poyang plain. Surrounded by Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces and ajoining Anqing city and Chizhou city, Jingdezhen is also an important transit center in China. ...
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Share four short stories
2016-5-27 12:52
1. A said to B: “I want to leave this company, I hate it!” B suggested: “I totally agree, teach it a lesson! But it is not a best time for you to leave.” A asked: “why?” B answered: “If you quit now, it won’t make a loss. You should use the opportunity when you are in this company to grip as many customers as you can, being an influential guy. After that, taking those customers away thin you will make a big loss to the company and make it passive.” ...
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Share Reform in state-owned and central government enterprises
2016-5-24 16:34
The reform of state-owned enterprises has been mentioned three times in a week, by central government. In the following years, four aspects will be the important tasks for stimulating the reform. What the new round reform will apply and what the key measures are are two things concerned by the general public. Within the last week, the central government frequently made statements. On 20th May, President Xi held the 24th central government session ...
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Share Six Precepts from Zeng Guofan
2016-3-29 22:44
Six Precepts from Zeng Guofan
Zeng Guofan is the 70th generation of Zeng Zi who was born in the Spring, Autumn and Warring state period. He was a politician, strategist, neo-Confucian philosopher, litterateur and the founder and commander of the Xiang army. His accomplishments of literature and other deeds inspire people from generation to generation. Zeng taught people the principle of “Six Precepts” on how to behave and to handle affairs. If you understand it, it can better benefit your life. &nbs ...
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Share What Caused the China's Fast DGP Growth Over the Last 3 Decades
2016-3-25 22:14
For this question, I have checked online and found some answers. A netizen named Dong Wu on zhihu- a kind of ask-and-answer website gave his opinion. I quoted and translated as follows: Technology is a key to the economic development for human beings all over the world . Without advanced technology it is impossible for any economic growth being rapid in a short period. Technology will take 60 years to make a big leap. and the breakthrough cannot be shortened into 30 years. If it can ...
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