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Share Am I a pessimist ?
2016-6-25 16:52
On one hand, when I heard the UK ran a referrendum, I was happy for the British people, as they can decide where to go. On the other hand, After they revealed the result, I felt sorry for them. For I saw a very close gap between the Leaves and the Remains, and yet the result was seismic. I could draw the picture of leaving the EU but after two days since I first got the news, I was still reeling from the shock. It was not only an important event to the people of the UK, but also a ...
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Share 2016-06-21
2016-6-21 20:17
Someone asked What made China a great country on Quora. I got an inaccurate answer. So I commented as follows. brbrFirstly, Chinese didn't know what Democracy is in their whole history. Introducing a new notion to them at the very time seems to me that it is very dangerous.brbrSecondly, China is a Large count ...
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Share Something is going wrong on Chinese webs
2016-6-14 11:25
Like yesterday, I thumbed through some Chinese forums for finding something worth to translate. However, in the end I am sorry to say nothing worth me to translate. In some big Chinese forums such as Tianya, the homepages are full of negative news and moods. I don’t know what is going on there, but as far as I know CD is the only place where I could calm down when reading some articles on it. There are many articles on the site of Tianya ...
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Share Don't Walk Like the Dead
2016-4-9 18:03
Don't Walk Like the Dead
An American TV series, The Walking Dead aired its finale of the sixth season. Since it was first showed in 2010, I have followed it for straight 6 years. It is only a TV series of which I watched every episode from season one to season six. Surly I am a sombie fan and interested in watching a bloody and rotten world filled with dead men walking around you. Especially when they bite people and pull the skin and guts our of their body , I feel thrilled and scared , unconsciously with my fac ...
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Share the fifth part of Jack Ma's speech
2016-3-19 00:32
There were three men facing a storm. The first man had an umbrella, another man had a raincoat, but the third one had nothing in his hand. When the storm came, the former two took their umbrella and raincoat and went out. In the end the storm passed, one of them broke his leg and the other injured his waist. However the third man who had nothing in his hand waited for two hours, loosing his body, after the storm passed, he was the first one to reach the place. I usually take this story as ...
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Share Jack Ma's speech (part five)
2016-3-14 23:21
80% to 90% of the well-performed companies have been experienced tough challenges for three or four times, including internal disputing ,internal suffering and external competition. If not , they won't stand still when facing the next crisis. It is ridiculous to treat someone as a successful investor when the elder females can make a profit from the stock market. Inverstor is the one who can make profits not only in a bull market but also in a bear market. Why is the economic situation ...
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Share Jack Ma's speech (part four)
2016-3-13 23:41
That companies are controled by professional managers who are trained by courses is what I objected ,as it can't be trained to be an entrepreneur. That is the reason why a partnership system was established by us seven years ago. There is an instance which I used to convince our team of the difference between a professional manager and an entrepreneur. That is - when they went to hunt a boar, the professional managers would drop their guns and run off after they lost a shot , which entrepreneurs ...
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Share Jack Ma talked about technological revolutions (a third part of his speech in 20
2016-3-5 21:56
The second outlet for business is reformation. Today’s China is and has done a lot reformation which is difficult to meet in a thousand years, especially like the anticorruption and eliminating poverty. I am not telling the old chestnut, we have to grasp these two tremendous opportunities. In the last one thousand years, China led the world in GDP for 800 years, but during the last 200 years we fell behind. However, because of refo ...
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Share Jack Ma: I don't know today's youngsters (second part of a speech)
2016-3-4 15:07
Transferring the focus from investment to consumption is a process which the United States has experienced in history. Before Reagan became the president of the United States they did the same things as we do i.e. only focusing on exportation and investment. Gradually they led the economy driven by consumption. We should do that too. I have watched two movies and I wonder how many of you watch a movie every month? To be honest, I realized this fives years ago, wh ...
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Share what Jack Ma said in an event of 2016(one part of the topics )
2016-2-28 02:29
Consumptive Stimulation Why American Heroes Do Not Die The first thing I recommend you to remember is consumptive stimulation. The outlet for consumption in Chinese consumer market is unique and rarely seen all over the world. Therefore I hope all of you to reevaluate this market. Only if you realize this market f ...
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