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Share This is a VERY official recommendation
2017-2-3 09:32
Today,in China Daily Blog,i want to introduce a person to all of you.She is outgoing and have courage to touch everything she doesn't know before.Now,she has a dream and she wants to tell you. She is 19-year-old now,a flowery age in a girl's life. Her name is 谢秋睿 and nickname is 谢毛毛,and she also has an English name named Sunny. Yeah,it's me. Here,I wants to introduce myself to all of u and talk about my "naive" dream. How to generalize my character? maybe it just ...
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Share Tess:a book you need to read and experience your whole life
2016-12-25 19:31
“Pity you the hurt name! My chest is a bed for you to rest. ” ——Shakespeare The first contact with 《 Tess 》 was the film adapted from the book. If Carmen's beauty lies in wild rebellion, Jane Eyre's beauty lies in stubborn stubbornness, then Tess's beauty ...
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Share The comparison with food cultures between China& the west
2016-12-22 21:14
China has a history of more than five thousand years, forming a splendid rich and profound food culture. And because of the west’s unique geographic position and cultural environment, a special food culture then has taken shape. Chinese people pay attention to the harmony between man and nature, westerners focus on people-oriented. There are many differences between China and the west, next, I will expound these differences and make the comparison in several aspects. (一) ...
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Share Dripping water wears through a stone
2016-11-22 10:29
Today,my keyword is "perseverance",it has been a long time that i didn't renew my blog. At first, i just manna talk about a very commom plant—— bamboo.why i mention it? From bamboo,I have learn a principle:keep standing erectly,but never break.When I think about the bamboo tree's ability to bound back or reture into its oriinal pisition,the word "perseverance"comes to mind. If you ar getting tough or you are bored with the things you have to now, show your perseverance. Just like the ba ...
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Share THAAD or PEACE: to be or not to be?
2016-10-2 22:19
Nowadays,what attracts people most is the event of "THAAD",because of "THAAD",it had a totally bad influence on the relationship between China and Korea.And we all clear that if Korea accept "THAAD",what kind of situation we are going to face.And finally,the site selection of the THAAD is theXingzhou Golf Course,but the populace at large are opposed to this dicision.We know the United States is realigning and reinforcing its military presence in this region by buttressing military allianc ...
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Share The Credit card:a killer or a savior
2016-10-1 09:23
Nowadays,using the money of the future to satisfy oneself is a widespread phenomenon.Most people,especially college students,use credit cards to go shopping and buy many clothes and cosmetics.If they use the money of the future to satisfy their current needs,one day in the future they have to repay the loan.On the other hand,if they don ’ t use credit cards to purchase,they may go to the malls frequently and satisfy the strong desire of shopping.Using the credit cards to ...
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Share Please keep arguments away from children
2016-8-3 22:37
Now,what i wanna say is "dear parents,if u want to have a row,please NEVER have a quarrel in front of the chidren,NEVER!" Tonight,my mom argued with my daddy about a vert little things,because my daddy was in wine tonight and my mom was very angry.Actually,this was a really natural thing,because of the social duties,my daddy has to attend the party,and i make allowances for my daddy,i know my daddy is very toilsom and i love my daddy so much. But my mum,i had no idea why she ye ...
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Share Practise as a trainee in ZiboDaily
2016-7-29 11:30
This summer holiday is soooo long to me.At first,i thought i had the opportunity to practise in Chinadaily,but unfortunately,because i didn't write blogs or essays every i couldn't catch this chance.You know.working in Chinadaily and writing for Chinadaily is my dream,i will fight for my dream untill i get the chance to go there.I definetely know this is a valuable practise to be treasured,so i have to redouble my efforts and catch the opportunity to Chinadaily this winter holiday ...
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Share Travel log(四)——Great Salt Lake,Qinghai Lake,拉鸡山
2016-7-10 23:51
Travel log(四)——Great Salt Lake,Qinghai Lake,拉鸡山
Today was a unforgettable day,because of the beautiful sigts,I didn't want to finish today's trip so early,let me introduce to u one by one. First,let me show you some pictures Do u know where i was?The famous Great Salt Lake named Chaka Salt Lake(茶卡盐湖) ,The place is where people have to go in their lives,This lake is famous by the reflection,it is clear enough that u cannot point out whinch is ture and which is shadow,so amazing Women worn the beautiful ...
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Share Travel log(三)——Chilien(祁连山),Qinghai Province
2016-7-9 23:05
Travel log(三)——Chilien(祁连山),Qinghai Province
Last night,I had a good sleep and this morning I got up at 5a.m..Because of the cold weather,I couldn't fall asleep again.Although it is summer now,in west it likes winter or deep fall.Soooooo cold!A kind of porrige in Minle(民乐),Gansu province called spicy soup is popular,it can warm ourselves up,and i couldn't stop drinking it because of cold,but i have to say:the peper soup is soooo yummy When we finished having breakfast,we started going towords Qinghai Province.On the way ...
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  • The comparison with food cultures between China& the west 2016-12-27 19:58

    谢毛毛: I just wanna tell you how may ways i got the points and i recognized that there were some mistakes in my essay.Thanks for your advice.
    If you are going to write, base it on your own real life experiences, and not a combination of 'Downton Abbey', the internet and American movies.

  • Tess:a book you need to read and experience your whole life 2016-12-27 09:27

    Ashikujaman: Good Writing. A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.- William S ...
    I hope you can read this book one day, i think you will be atracted by this story~

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