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THAAD or PEACE: to be or not to be?

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  Nowadays,what attracts people most is the event of "THAAD",because of "THAAD",it had a totally bad influence on the relationship between China and Korea.And we all clear that if Korea accept "THAAD",what kind of situation we are going to face.And finally,the site selection of the THAAD is theXingzhou Golf Course,but the populace at large are opposed to this dicision.We know the United States is realigning and reinforcing its military presence in this region by buttressing military alliances and accelerating deployment of missile defense systems.And Ameraca and Korea are military alliances,"THAAD" is accepted to Korea in order to hold in North Korea and control the situation of Korean peninsula,but in one part,it can help South Korea to improve the status of safety,but mostly,it may bring much trouble.
  It is easy to inflame the public indignation,because of "THAAD“,it may release the deleterious substances that do harm to people's lives.To China,it is a totally ghost and threathen the military safety."We have the spear,but South Korea has both spear and shield",what we soppose to deal with this fact?They put THAAD in South Korea,it is so convenient to monitor the military operation in China or Russia.Especially the Nanhai event,the whole situaton of China now is extremely knotty.If we have any little acts then it is so easy to discover and wreck by THAAD.
  We can change a way to protect our home and protect the world,why we have to use the weapon.Without weapon,we can gain the peace also.

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