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The Credit card:a killer or a savior

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    Nowadays,using the money of the future to satisfy oneself is a widespread phenomenon.Most people,especially college students,use credit cards to go shopping and buy many clothes and cosmetics.If they use the money of the future to satisfy their current needs,one day in the future they have to repay the loan.On the other hand,if they dont use credit cards to purchase,they may go to the malls frequently and satisfy the strong desire of shopping.Using the credit cards to buy something totally luxurious and expensive is a common things,but to tell you the truth,I totally oppose this phenomenon.And I will clarify my view in next two parts.

Firstly,maybe some people are too shy to borrow money from their friends and they might owe their friends a debt of gratitude.But,if they choose to use credit cards,consuming blindly is a common matter and its hard to rescue.Some college students finally suicide because of the high debt.They cant think clearly about what they need,they purchase just satisfy themselves.Consuming blindly and consuming lavishly are all caused by using credit cards.If someday you cannot repay the debt,the high interest may make you extremely hopeless.

Secondly,we all know one of the advantages of the credit cards is convenience,wherever you are,you can buy something by the credit cards directly.But here is the thing,when you use credit cards,you dont have to import the code.So,embezzling your credit cards is a dangerous factor.Then,it is easy to embezzle by others when your credit cards are stolen.Other people can use your cards to consume and you cannot do anything.

Above all,perhaps the advantages of using the money of the future are more than its disadvantages.But now.especially our college students,we may have no ability to repay the loan by ourselves and we cannot know how dangerous it will be.So,buy the things that we really need in our life,dont buy anything of no use.Last but not the least,to college students,I am NOT agree to use the money of the future to satisfy their current needs.

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