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Stick ·Share Is PPP in China embracing a golden age?
2015-10-4 10:24
Is PPP in China embracing a golden age?
IsPPPinChinaembracingagoldenage? PPP(PublicPrivatePartnership)hasbeenabuzztopicinChinarecently.Facingthegrowingdemandofinfrastructure,thegovernmenthopesthattheparticipationofprivateentitycouldbothrelievefinancialconstraintandwrough ...
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Share A fieldtrip to Nansha 有关南沙旅游业发展小考
2016-4-24 16:59
On April 9th 2016, we were organized by South China research center for a visit to Yu Wotou 鱼窝头 and Dongchong 东涌, the southern coastal region of Guangzhou. The name of Yu Wotou suggests the fertility of the region. The village was established in late Qing by which time the two nearby pools were alive with fishes. Decades of sand sediment enlarges the habitat and provides rich soil to plants such as lotus roots. To further accustom the sandy lands to rice raising, dikes were constructed. ...
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Share My media intern in Beijing
2016-2-15 08:46
My media intern in Beijing For years I’ve been asking myself whether I shall enter journalism. I’ve been advised by my seniors and professors that traditional media is in decline facing the direct competition of new genres of information transmission. With excessive information available online, people now have less motivation to pay for news and opinions. One of the cruel examples is that some Hong Kong newspapers have reduced to making its profit by more ads promotion. But with the b ...
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Share 菲佣在香港/domestic helpers in Hong Kong
2016-2-14 14:32
The first time when I passed Central or Wanchai on a Sunday afternoon three years ago, I was surprised to see dark-skinned woman sitting on the ground, eating, chatting or playing cards. Some of them are wrapped in hijab, most wearing colorful clothes. My Hong Kong friend told me that they are domestic helpers, or 菲佣 in Chinese (though a lot of them are from Indonesia). For some locals, their “occupation of central” hinders the use of public space by Hong Kong citizens. Other ...
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Share A night of environment meeting
2016-1-14 11:58
Recently I’ve just watched a documentary “to the arctic” which depicts the difficult journey of a mother polar bear raising her cubs given the diminished ice and migrated preys. The global warming has deteriorated to a degree that has no precedent in the past six million years. Some animals are subject to extinction, cities flooded by rising sea, areas struck by extreme weather. But all I concerned about is whether my room is warm enough and what lunch I am going to take today. How se ...
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Share Documentary recommendation: born into brothel
2016-1-12 15:21
Documentary recommendation: born into brothel
When Zana Briski first taught the kids photography, she did not think about making a documentary about them. She simply wanted to befriend the kids in the red district to reciprocate being allowed to photograph their mothers. Here in Sonagachi, reputedly the largest red district in India and even in Asia, the Chittaranjan Avenue has demarcated the life of residents from the cultural richness and commercial boom of Calcultta. On the brothel-clogged streets, those kids shared the same ...
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Share A peek into homeless people in Hong Kong
2015-12-9 12:42
A peek into homeless people in Hong Kong
香港露宿者窥影 学校的社会服务社团组织“探访露宿者”活动,朋友邀请我一起参加,我原先不太情愿,因为设想了一群人围观可怜兮兮的露宿者在街头的怪异场面,况且探访一次根本改变不了什么,但是出于好奇,还是在黑夜中参加了“窥视者”的团体。 油麻地地区,没有铜锣湾的大型购物商城,也没有尖沙咀的金融高楼,药店、糖水铺和五金店散落街头,老人脸色沧桑,年轻人嘻哈的着装。从窝打老街向北拐入广东道,香港的同学一一告诉我,这是公屋,这是果栏——上世纪经 ...
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Share Travel at home
2015-12-4 13:44
A few days ago I met Joseph in Singapore who just went back from a trip in Thailand. After working for an investment bank in Singapore for three years, he finally decided to take a break from mundane and deadening routines. So I said, “it must be very nice for you to have some freshness”. Stony-faced, he swirled the ices of milk shake in front of him rapidly, “it’s just a waste of money. I felt bored and exhausted everyday. Why shall I pay money for suffering? Traveling is just meaningless. ...
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Share Is Hong Kong still the Asia’s world city?
2015-11-23 09:34
Is Hong Kong still the Asia’s world city?
Recently there is an article on South China Morning Post, “Hong Kong as ‘Asia’s World City’? Not any more” by David Dodwell, an executive director of the Hong Kong APEC Trade Policy Group. “The concept of Hong Kong as Asia’s World City feels like an empty marketing shell”, he drew from PwC’s 2015 “Building Better Cities” study in which Hong Kong was ranked “a drab 11th” (Singapore: 3th; Osaka: 10th). Seeing this, I was eager to read through the PwC report. Three years ...
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Share Is Snowden a hero or a traitor?
2015-11-22 11:44
Yesterday the EU parliament has made a step - voting for dropping any criminal charges against Edward Snowden and recognizing him as the “whistle-blower and international human rights defender”. Two years after his revealing of classified NSA documents to a Guardian journalist in 2013, Snowden is still in asylum facing the espionage charge from the US government but was gradually appreciated by the international society. In a documentary Citizenfour, featuring Edward Snowden, a ...
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Share Cashless society – a vista of hope or catastrophe?
2015-11-4 18:35
Cashless society – a vista of hope or catastrophe?
Money is believed to be one of the oldest yet greatest invention of human beings in the history. The colorful rectangle paper, barely of no marginal cost, has the magic power of getting any service or products at the value of its printed number. One could say that the modern society is predicated on our trust on that paper. Consumption on any affordable goods, specialization, reinvestment, saving against a rainy day… none of those would be possible without it. But we are walking toward ...
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  • Is PPP in China embracing a golden age? 2017-3-6 11:14

    This subject is also on the agenda here in Brazil

  • The single solution to Syrian refugee crisis? 2016-1-27 16:49

    HailChina!: "The main reason western governments want to accept floods of refugees is to put downward pressure on peoples wages." - HailChina

    I just ca ...
    meanwhile, a lot of the third countries have corrupted government or were subject to civil wars like Rwanda, Sudan, Sierra Leone... these could be attributed to the arbitrary dividing of geographical lines by the colonialists. But a lot of the countries are trapped in the resource curse

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