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In our life we sometimes find ourselves in a bad plight and we feel despair. However, just like light shines the darkness, we suddenly see a way out .The situation is totally changed. Describing such experience, the Chinese people use the idiom “ 柳暗花明(liǔ àn huā míng).” The Chinese character “柳“is willows , “暗” dim, “花”flowers, and “明‘’bright, so the idiom literal meaning is willow trees are dim and flowers are bright.

The idiom comes from a poem called 《游山西村》(Visiting Shanxi Village). The author was 陆游(Lu You 1125-1210), a famous patriotic poet in the Southern Song Dynasty. His talent was appreciated by the Emperor, who appointed him as an official of the central government. But afterward, he was be framed for being derelict in duty and suffered indifference from the Emperor. Lu You was depressed. He resigned official post and retreated to his hometown Shaoxing. 
One day he went to visit his friends in Shanxi Village. He was warmly welcomed by his friends. One by one , they all arranged dinners with good wines and dainty dishes to treat him. Lu You was very touched and wrote the poem to express his feelings. There are two lines of the poetry saying ” 山重水复疑无路,柳暗花明又一村”,meaning “mountains overlap, a stream flows returning, and the road seems ending;  willows are dim, flowers are bright, and a village is emerging.” So, the idiom “柳暗花明” comes from the poem.

The idiom describes natural scenery of the countryside, through which people can grasp the implication of life philosophy — no matter how difficult the situation we are facing is, as long as we keep optimistic attitude and the firm faith, and bravely strive forward, a realm full of light and hope will be sure to appear.

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Good luck would become after your failure!

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  • Talking about Idioms (19) 2018-1-9 12:55

    I like this idom especially in winter, as there are a lot of wheat planting in my hometown, western Shandong Province. Auspicious snow can bring a good harvest to the farmers. :)

  • Talking about Idioms (17) 2017-12-29 21:34

    Good luck would become after your failure!

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