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Share A Few Lessons in English Learning
2016-1-30 15:27
After learning English for so many years, I know there are doubts, frustrations along the way, but I also learned a few lessons. I would like to share them with all English learners here. Lesson 1: There must be sufficient input to facilitate output. When we start learning a foreign language, we often want to start with some commonly used phrases that we can immediately apply in real life. But the problem is, after you say the phrase, you don’t know how to ...
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Share Farewell
2016-1-27 21:32
There is no law on earth that could forever bind you and me, Yet I will not seek magic or love potion to keep you tied to me, for love is the most powerful force beyond anything mundane. What is love with lovers apart? It is not soft hands and warm lips, but a face beyond touch and a yearning with no end, a fleeting smile in the dreams. Day and night the images to my mind float, things that once were, could have been and never will be. Clumsy mouth thinks of a thousand word ...
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Share Just A Girl
2016-1-27 21:25
Just A Girl
Recently I watched an old movie Notting Hill. I have long heard of it, but never got the chance to watch it. I know it’s an old movie, and the storyline is indeed very straightforward—boy meets girl, and despite the differences between them they finally get together and live happily ever after. Compared to the plots in modern love stories or even better, the Korean shows, where twists and turns such as lies, cancer, car accidents leading to amnesia, dogged parents who are hellbent on k ...
Personal category: Movie|2892 views|6 comments Popularity 7
Share Travelling and the Little Things
2016-1-22 13:30
Go to the places that tourists don’t go to, and you will see what people don’t normally see. The essence of life lies in the little things that often elude the others’ eyes. Last November I got a chance to go to Antwerp in Belgium on business for a few days. It was my first trip to Europe, and I was so excited. Since I learned about European culture in college, my head has been filled with romantic ideas about the people, architecture and art there. I’m dying to see it ...
Personal category: Life|2105 views|2 comments Popularity 2
Share Crazy Shopping Experience in Seoul
2016-1-21 16:01
Crazy Shopping Experience in Seoul
Korean girls are all so pretty. That was my first impression of Korea as I was standing on the pavement of a busy street in Seoul, goggling at the girls passing by. Somehow the skin of all of the girls there is impeccable. It can be seen that they spend a lot of time on their face, hair and clothing, and I could not help but stare. I almost feel ashamed that I’m not wearing any make-up and didn’t do anything fancy with my hair. I have secretly vowed to myself not to ...
Personal category: Life|3873 views|2 comments Popularity 2
Share What If
2016-1-2 21:38
If only love is always pure and true, If only it can be frozen and kept perfect in a tiny place in the universe; but love cannot be frozen so much as time can be frozen; it either grows or fades, like memories, never the same, never stays. I am trying hard, thinking hard, to keep you in my mind, as vivid as can be, but the tide of life carries us away into parallel universes and your images do fade. To say that this love is one and only in life, to say that it will be remember ...
Personal category: Poem|1593 views|2 comments Popularity 3
Share Black Curls
2015-12-16 22:12
Black curls, the bare arms of sirens, wrapping around the stray travellers, smooth and glistening, breathing seductive songs, rising in the steam and mist of surreal beauty, promising lust and desire. Black curls, the knotted boughs in the jungle, hardened by rain and wind, strong and unafraid, pulsating with the juice of life, always bouncing around, refusing to break. Black curls, the dark water plants on the other side of the world, dancing to an erratic song hidden from ...
Personal category: Poem|861 views|1 comments Popularity 2
Share Registering a Sole Proprietorship in Shanghai
2015-12-15 23:36
A few months ago, I thought I should register my own translation company to better cater to a wide variety of customers, building my reputation and company brand along the way. I immediately started doing some background research. It was a painstaking process, but it proved to be rewarding. At first I was at loss about what information to look for, because I knew nothing about the policies, procedures, fees, and time required for the registration. I turned to my seco ...
Personal category: Business|717 views|0 comments
Share Thoughts on Romeo and Juliet’s Love
2015-12-14 22:49
Thoughts on Romeo and Juliet’s Love
Romeo and Juliet is one of the best known and best loved of Shakespeare’s plays. Over hundreds of years, it has grasped the audience’s and readers’ hearts, making them laugh, gasp and weep. Such is the strength of Shakespeare’s psychological insight, and of his poetry, that his hero and heroine are timeless, their emotions identifiable as our own, and their motivations and actions only pushed to the extreme by the pressure of events upon them. While reading t ...
Personal category: Books|1160 views|1 comments Popularity 2
Share My Experience of Learning English
2015-12-9 21:38
I still remember clearly about my one and only English class back in elementary school. The teacher was not very keen on teaching us. She just wrote the sentence "Nice to meet you" on the blackboard, repeated a few times for us, and taught us a few words including "apple" and "panda". We played through the rest of the class, and that was all the English education I got before middle school. Of course it is different nowadays. Kids are required to know some basics of English ...
Personal category: Life|2080 views|4 comments Popularity 6
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