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Share The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
2016-8-22 16:49
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
I used to be a hoarder. Well, I still am, but I‘m a reformed hoarder now. I liked to hoard stuff like the tissues, notebooks, books, all kinds of small gadgets, and e-books. I guess I got this trait from my parents. They lived through famines and huge scarcities of goods, so they never throw anything away, but keep using them until they are completely broken, then put them away into the depths of the house. They always taught me to return stuff back to where they were after using them, but ...
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Share The Search for Freedom
2016-7-9 22:31
The Search for Freedom
So far I have finished watching three fourths of the films in the 2016 Banff Mountain Film Festival. I heard of it some time ago and I'm glad that I have the chance to actually watch it in the theater. I watched people do all sorts of extreme sports: mountain biking, skiing, surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, wingsuiting, base jumping...It became a very emotional experience for me when I saw an adventure photographer spending 4 years and a half trying to take a photo of someone base jumping again ...
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Share Father's Story
2016-6-20 16:28
Father's Story
My father was born in a village of a northern province in China, the same village of my mother’s. He has two elder brothers and two younger sisters. Since my grandmother held that education is the only way out for the children born in the countryside, all three boys were sent to school despite the family’s poverty. But when my father graduated from middle school, the Cultural Revolution started which required schools to stop enrolling students, so he had to join the army like many other young ...
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Share Across the Desert
2016-6-1 12:26
Across the Desert
In the May Holiday I went on a trip to hike across the Kubuqi desert in Inner Mongolia for three days, camping in the small campsites at night. It is a popular hiking destination at this time of the year, not too hot in the day and not too cold at night. I knew that hiking in the desert would be more difficult than hiking on flat grounds, but I could not have imagined the ubiquitous presence of fine grains of sands in the air and how wonderful it feels to be standing on a sand dune and looking a ...
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Share A Walk for Love
2016-4-25 21:49
A Walk for Love
What happened on April 23? During the Chinese New Year I saw a post on wechat calling for people to take part in theE.G.G. Walkathon--walking 50km in 12 hours to raise money for underprivileged children in China. The money will be used to help children in areas of nutrition and health, social assimilation, safety and protection, and education and learning. I made up my mind immediately that I wanted to join, because it will be a good deed and a challenge for me too. I called my ...
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Share The Things About Flights
2016-4-24 23:12
The Things About Flights
I have not traveled much by plane, but every time I would choose the window seat, no matter how long the flight is. Peeking out of the small window feels like a very exciting thing to me. I could stare at clouds for hours and not get bored. At night I would try to block all the lights reflecting on the window and strain my eyes to see the stars above. Each flight trip offered me something new and fascinating. Arriving at a city in the night or early morning feels like creeping ...
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Share The Lost Generations
2016-3-7 23:47
It is not just my generation, but many of them that are lost, not knowing what we want and who we are. I have seen my friends and experienced myself struggle in making the big decisions in marriage and career. I know people who are changing jobs constantly because they don't know what they like to do, and they cannot find a balance between the things they like and the things they can do for a living. I also know people who are stuck in a job that makes them very unhappy, but not knowi ...
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Share Thoughts on Love
2016-2-10 10:58
Every girl has a dream of the prince charming in shining armor with sparkling eyes and a killer smile. But it takes a girl some time to realize that the perfect guy she dreams of is just like the perfect dress or shoes in display that may not actually look perfect on her. She may finally understand that love is not the pursuit of the best person in the world, because if so, then love would become mathematics, only the equation of the qualities that an eligible person has. And love would be impos ...
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Share Words
2016-2-10 10:46
What is a better time to write than when the heart is in anguish? Words fail me when I am overwhelmed by joy the heart says: leave me, there is no room for the clowns who are but a poor representation of real feelings; when pain strikes, the heart panics and seeks the words: please, dance for me, dance into a river, in your flow the pain does abate. (Original work by the author Helen; first published on China Daily blog at 10:50am, Feb. 10th, 2016) About ...
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Share Green Eyes
2016-2-10 10:38
I have seen eyes of many colors, Black, the most common, Brown, honest and reliable, Blue, innocent and unsettling, Even artificial red, eerie and cunning. But green, I searched and searched, no single word can sum it up. A shade less than emerald, without the sparkles, Unlike the pond, where lies the ensnaring aquatic plants and deep secrets. What is it, really? It’s the early tender leaves braving the latest howling winter wind, the herald of life, the color br ...
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