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helenriver 2016-2-10 10:46
What is a better time to write than when the heart is in anguish? Words fail me when I am overwhelmed by joy the heart says: leave me, there is no room for the clowns who are but a poor representation of real feelings; when pain strikes, the heart panics and seeks the words: please, dance for me, dance into a river, in your flow the pain does abate. (Original work by the author Helen; first published on China Daily blog at 10:50am, Feb. 10th, 2016) About ...
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helenriver 2016-2-10 10:38
I have seen eyes of many colors, Black, the most common, Brown, honest and reliable, Blue, innocent and unsettling, Even artificial red, eerie and cunning. But green, I searched and searched, no single word can sum it up. A shade less than emerald, without the sparkles, Unlike the pond, where lies the ensnaring aquatic plants and deep secrets. What is it, really? It’s the early tender leaves braving the latest howling winter wind, the herald of life, the color br ...
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helenriver 2016-1-27 21:32
There is no law on earth that could forever bind you and me, Yet I will not seek magic or love potion to keep you tied to me, for love is the most powerful force beyond anything mundane. What is love with lovers apart? It is not soft hands and warm lips, but a face beyond touch and a yearning with no end, a fleeting smile in the dreams. Day and night the images to my mind float, things that once were, could have been and never will be. Clumsy mouth thinks of a thousand word ...
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helenriver 2016-1-2 21:38
If only love is always pure and true, If only it can be frozen and kept perfect in a tiny place in the universe; but love cannot be frozen so much as time can be frozen; it either grows or fades, like memories, never the same, never stays. I am trying hard, thinking hard, to keep you in my mind, as vivid as can be, but the tide of life carries us away into parallel universes and your images do fade. To say that this love is one and only in life, to say that it will be remember ...
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helenriver 2015-12-16 22:12
Black curls, the bare arms of sirens, wrapping around the stray travellers, smooth and glistening, breathing seductive songs, rising in the steam and mist of surreal beauty, promising lust and desire. Black curls, the knotted boughs in the jungle, hardened by rain and wind, strong and unafraid, pulsating with the juice of life, always bouncing around, refusing to break. Black curls, the dark water plants on the other side of the world, dancing to an erratic song hidden from ...
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