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Trump goes on offensive, but Clinton more eloquent on policy China Daily News 6 959 Palladin 2016-10-12 08:15:45
  Donald Trump shows more offensive while Hillary Clinton is more knowledgeable and displays more pres ...
Treasured stone houses become art haven China Daily News 2 549 laocheng_666666 2016-5-20 11:12:26
  Taiwan backpacker Alice Lin was very clever to contract for the stone houses and refurbish them into ...
Best night views of Shanghai Disney Resort captured[8]- China Daily News 2 589 laocheng_666666 2016-5-20 10:09:24
  I like it when fireworks explode over the head. The Disneyland will open in 30 days. The countdown i ...
Capsule returns safely after 12-day odyssey[5]- odyssey China Daily News 4 398 laocheng_666666 2016-4-19 10:40:37
  China is marching forward step by step in space science. This is an event deserving the pride of al ...
Capsule returns safely after 12-day odyssey[5]- odyssey China Daily News 4 398 laocheng_666666 2016-4-19 10:40:37
  I took great pride of the retrievable capsule. It is exciting that China has made such achievemens i ...
Can money buy you happiness?[7]- China Daily News 6 619 TedM 2016-4-19 10:30:05
  Momey is indeed important, but money is not the whole of your life. Money sometimes can buy happines ...
Same-sex marriage case lost[8]- marriage case lost ... 1 2 China Daily News 11 823 zjjhpj 2016-4-15 08:03:15
  Homosexuality is a complex topic. Whether same-sex marriage can be legalised should be based on more ...
How an American views China and US[1]- ... 1 2 China Daily News 7 1640 halo_wu 2016-3-11 09:13:29
  Actually, America and China both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Criminal cases exist i ...
Advanced destroyers boost combat capability of PLA China Daily News 2 502 laocheng_666666 2015-12-15 09:48:38
  Glad to see that China's military develops so fast. And if a country aims to become stronger, it mus ...
Power for ministries to be clarified China Daily News 2 323 J.E.Overington 2015-12-10 11:26:44
  Why is The Party great? The most important reason is that it can manipulate their own actions by pro ...
DPRK troupes arrive in China for performance[5]- China Daily News 4 277 AlexfromAmerica 2015-12-11 17:31:10
  The DPRK music troupes are welcome to China. We are happy to see the beautiful singers from our neig ...
China, Africa ready for 'new highlights': Xi China Daily News 4 373 laocheng_666666 2015-12-4 11:15:04
  Similar historical experiences and a shared aspiration for common development have generated a natur ...
US blogger: The parade shows President Xi is a true world class leader China Daily News 4 613 laocheng_666666 2015-9-10 16:45:23
  I agree with you completely. I also think that the America has missed a very good opportunity to bon ...
Is square dancing enjoyable or annoying?[1]- ... 1 2 China Daily News 13 2459 Schenkel 2015-9-11 10:15:38
  Haha, I tend to be fond of seeing the square dancing. I think it is enjoyable and interesting. Both ...
Japanese PM re-elected as LDP president as no challenger emerges China Daily News 3 620 laocheng_666666 2015-9-10 15:51:21
  This is the first time I have heard of an election in which nobody is filed candidacy. Because in th ...
Hungarian TV journalist fired for tripping up fleeing migrants[1]- China Daily News 5 590 laocheng_666666 2015-9-10 15:39:47
  I really hope this woman did not intend to trip that fleeing man carrying a child. Those migrants ar ...
Xi meets with former KMT chairman, stressing joint marking war anniversary China Daily News 4 468 chanvatey 2015-9-1 22:59:10
  Very happy to see the relation between the CPC and KMT improved so much.We belong to the same big fa ...
What do you think of manly women? Image attachment ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 11 Friendship, Love, Relationships 75 24300 gaq020205 2015-7-21 13:46:37
  Manly woman seems to be a new word. I have no idea whether it's good or bad for a woman to act like ...
China stocks plunge over 6.5% on margin tightening, IPO wave China Daily News 4 644 laocheng_666666 2015-5-29 08:53:30
  Anyhow, to plunge over 6.5% is equal to a 9.9 magnitude earthquake in the stock market.
China, Chile ink multi-billion-USD currency swap deal[1]- China Daily News 2 509 laocheng_666666 2015-5-26 10:21:44
  This is the first time I've left a message here since I created an account. It makes me a little exc ...
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  • A Random Walk to the Seaside 2017-4-6 22:16

    laocheng_666666: Very glad to call you together.
    Time is our teacher, do you also think so, and why?

    Nice to know you here, many workmates of mine are around you, I think.

    Have a good reading, round the world!

    Where's your JOKING tone?

  • A Random Walk to the Seaside 2017-4-6 21:58

    laocheng_666666: Where do you work or live, please?
    Guess twice, what's your first answer, by, by,what..., ?

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