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Share A Random Walk to the Seaside
2016-6-6 09:26
Yesterday evening , I rambled the beach at random and found the seaside was almost empty. Maybe it was the the cooler weather that made people reluctant to come here. To wander alone by myself was, in deed, a bit lonely. However, without communication with, or interruption of, others, I could enjoy a specialized serenity which belonged to myself. ...
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Share A Climbing Trip to Mount Niuxin
2016-6-1 10:24
On May, 22, we climbed Mount Niuxin, a mountain near Qingdao. It was a sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing in the face. Section A--- Climbing over the top At the foot of the mountain, we met with the forest ranger, a friendly and cheerfulman. Wewere heading toward the mountain. ...
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Share My Journey to VN
2016-5-5 16:36
In the summer of 2013, I started on a long journey to Vietnam. Firstly I crossed Youyi Pass and reached Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.
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Share First blog
2016-4-19 15:44
First blog ceremoniously comes into being at the moment with freshness, curiosity and excitement hovering around its owner. From now on, this corner may be home to what I see, hear and think. Congratulations on the huge event of finding and developing the marvelous room!
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  • A Random Walk to the Seaside 2017-4-6 22:16

    laocheng_666666: Very glad to call you together.
    Time is our teacher, do you also think so, and why?

    Nice to know you here, many workmates of mine are around you, I think.

    Have a good reading, round the world!

    Where's your JOKING tone?

  • A Random Walk to the Seaside 2017-4-6 21:58

    laocheng_666666: Where do you work or live, please?
    Guess twice, what's your first answer, by, by,what..., ?

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