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How to take a family portraits

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      Today,we love our family member,but how to keep the scene?Maybe different people have different ideas.They will use mobile phone,pad,or SLR camera and so on!Now,I will teach u how to take a perfect family portrait.   
      1.Avoid dark flash caution light      
      Indoor photo shoot easily be photographed to produce roots, especially flash photography in a dark environment with. With flash makes the already dark scenes become more dim, you can imagine the effect of shooting. Therefore, we should turn off the flash, change to a bright scene and higher ISO sensitivity. You can also use a large aperture and a slower shutter to shoot.     
      2.Use spot metering to ensure that the exposure   
      Background relatively dark environment, the background light than dark figure, if you want to take advantage of the camera's global metering mode to shoot, too bright because it will lose a large part of the details. So we had better choose spot metering to shoot, the metering point in a person's face on the accuracy of the exposure to the whole body.     
     3.Use a triangular composition family portrait  
     In many cases, such as shooting team photo, graduation photo and other persons more time, people can be divided into several rows of shooting, do not pay attention to the number of each row of the same composition can be used to learn the triangle commonly used patterning layout shoot structure. People can be laid out in a triangle or inverted triangle, so the picture is more neat and comfortable.  
    4.Note that capture wonderful moments   
    Family portraits purpose is to reflect the warm and harmonious family, even before the rules are not standing shots can also shoot a warm family portrait. Note that the scene in the family can eat or chat to the elders as the center has a shot smile family portrait. However, capture or some difficulty, so photographers need a lot of practice, to find sure to capture the perfect family portrait scene.    
   5.Good use of the hands of props   
   Props to reflect the character of the idea have good coordination role, such as the hands can lift wedding shooting wedding. PhotoO  shoot when appropriate will prepare some props for the characters, the Chinese New Year photo shoot pictures when you can come up with New Year couplet atmosphere to heighten the feeling of festivity.   
   6.Shoot more for several Perspective    
   Perspective effect for shooting also has a great impact on the rules of the photo shoot and the whole family has been unable to meet the current level of appreciation of the people. So it is best to put it another perspective, the use of new perspective and approach to layout and photography. For example, you can use a bottom plan view of the shooting or the shooting, so you can clear characterization expression.    
   7.Young creative personality space shooting     
   Group photo of young people should certainly be a little different with the rules of the photo, if it is to reflect the thinking of young people, they should construct creative shooting architecture, vibrant action and reflect the personality of the way, etc., so you can make photos more vibrant .     
    Now,catch your camera take a family portrait,and happy with whole family memebers!

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2016-2-26 17:24
large happy family with four generations under one roof ...
Reply Report rain227 2016-2-26 21:58
Dr.Bill.Shen: large happy family with four generations under one roof ...
Reply Report Igo 2016-3-1 12:01
Very nice, buddy, very nice!
Reply Report rain227 2016-3-1 19:17
Igo: Very nice, buddy, very nice!

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