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Practice VS Knowledge

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   With the world deeper stepping into Information Age,we better feel the importance of knowledge as atreasure,with which we can make our life a greater difference .However,only knowledge put into practice can make its due contributions to society.
    Practice is considered the key to knowledge because it can translate abstract ideas into tangible results. Its practice that turns our understanding about the essence of knowledge into visible treasure to improve our lives instead of theories on papers.Take Maxism as an example.Although Maxism as truth was formed theoretically in the 19th century ,it was not until 1917 that it played its real role in pushing human society into socialism when it was put into practice by Lenin in the Soviet Union.On the other hand ,practice in turn makes us deeply understand knowledge we already have and actively acquire the new.
   Therefore,more innovative thoughts are likely to be generated and then applied to reality again to from a benign circulation,making our future life more and more beautiful.
    As far as i am concerned ,practice is essential for us to understand,employ and optimize knowledge we receive.Only through practice can our knowledge be changed into the valuable tool to create a more enjoyable life.

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2015-12-19 19:19
guess you meant practice vs theory
Reply Report rain227 2015-12-19 19:38
Dr.Bill.Shen: guess you meant practice vs theory
wow,yeah,its my means.
Reply Report Igo 2015-12-24 10:44
It's very hard for me to understand why 21st century's China still takes, as bible of ideology, the theory of Karl Marx, a German Jew who was born during the period of Emperor Jiaqing (我实在搞不懂二十一世纪的中国干嘛要把一个出生在嘉庆年间的德国犹太人的理论拜为意识形态的圣经). As Communist Party educates us, anything after Opium War is Modern History while anything before Opium War is Ancient History. So, that is to say, even by now, we Chinese are still using an ancient Westerner's stuff as our guidelines to develop today's China whilst the whole world have long said farewell to Herr Marx (党教育我们,鸦片战争以后的东西是近代史,鸦片战争以前的都是古代史。那么,也就是说,到现在为止,我们中国人还在拿着一个出生在古代的西方人的东西作为指导原则来发展我们今天的中国,而全世界早就跟马先生永别了). Can you understand why? Sorry, I can't.
Marx's fatherland - Germany: German people spurned it away;
Marx's ethnic fatherland - Israel: Israelis people spurned it away;
Marx's cemetery country - England: English people spurned it away;
Marx's class-struggle theory testing country - Soviet Union: no matter how many nuclear missiles, how many aircraft, how many tanks, and how many cannons the Soviet Union did have, nothing could stop the peoples of Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan from spurning it away.
Needless to mention those Eastern European countries where Marxism was established under bayonet.
To be brief, the essence of Marxism is nothing that encourages you to create, to blaze the trail, to study science and technology hard, to teach you to be Beethoven, to be da Vinci, to be Shakespeare, to be Michael Jackson, to be Tu Youyou and Yuan Longping, to teach you to upgrade and optimize the production line in factory, to teach you to pick up hoe and sickle to crop, to harvest, to conquer great nature, and to climb the paramount of science, but everything that instigates you to damage, to destroy, to break into those landlords' homes, Thomas Edison's home, Bill Gates' home, Steve Jobs' home, Mark Zuckerberg's home, and other capitalists' homes to raid, to rob, to smash, and instigates you to go with "class struggle" and to "destroy the old world". Marx's stuff doesn't bring us human beings with creation, peace, and love, but with feud, destroy, disaster, havoc, as well as endless insanity of so-called "man-kill-man fun" (简而言之,马克思的东西,不是教你去创造、去开拓、去努力学习科学技术,不是教你去做贝多芬、去做达·芬奇、去做莎士比亚、去做迈克尔·杰克逊、去做屠呦呦、袁隆平,不是要你去工厂改进和革新生产线,不是教你去拿起锄头、镰刀去开荒、去耕耘、去收获、去征服大自然、去攀登科学的高峰,而是教你去破坏、去跑到人家地主家里、爱迪生家里、比尔·盖茨家里、乔布斯家里、扎克伯格等等这些资产阶级家里去斗、去抢、去砸,教唆你“搞阶级斗争、砸碎旧世界”。马克思的东西给人类带来的不是创造、和平、友爱,而是仇恨、破坏、灾难、毁灭,是无穷无尽的所谓“人斗人的其乐无穷”).
Good thing is, President Xi points out that any tangerine planted in the south of River Huai is tangerine whilst the same thing transplanted to the north of River Huai becomes bitter orange (幸好,习主席指出,橘生淮南为橘,淮北则为枳). Well said, well thought of! As such, I think he is trying to tell the whole world, Marxism from the Western World - south Huai, doesn't apply to this Eastern land - north Huai (说得好,想得妙!由此可见,我觉得习总是想告诉全世界人民,来自淮南——西方世界的马教并不适用在淮北——这片东方的土地). I am very happy to see that our China will eventually say sayonara to that German Jew (我国终将跟德国犹太人道别,令我深感欣慰).
Reply Report rain227 2015-12-24 21:31
Igo: It's very hard for me to understand why 21st century's China still takes, as bible of ideology, the theory of Karl Marx, a German Jew who was born dur ...
Reply Report Igo 2015-12-25 09:11
rain227: 涨姿势了。
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
Reply Report samlam 2015-12-26 10:47
I t is a good statement for a idea that the knowledge learning be carried out into practice.

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