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Have you eaten Jiangyourou?

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      Today I’d like to introduce a kind of traditional food which is a must for local people here during the Spring Festival. It is called Sun-dried, Soy Sauce Soaked Pork (Jiangyourou). We are usually prepared to make it near the Winter Solstice. I asked my mother and other relatives about how to make Jiangyourou the other day. And now let me share the steps below  with you!

Ingredients: organic pork, soy sauce, white spirits, sugar, rice wine

Step One: Organic fresh pork is our favorite. You can choose the meat from forelegs and hind legs. You can also choose streaky pork. We usually tell a butcher that we want to make Jiangyourou when we buy pork. And the butcher will help to cut the pork into big pieces. Every piece is about 2—3 centimeters thick.

Step Two: Soak pieces of pork in soy sauce. Add a little rice wine and sugar to the soy sauce. Mix them together well. Last, pour a little white spirits. Mix them thoroughly. Allow to soak for about 20—30 minutes. The thicker the pork is, the longer the time will be. During that time, rub the pork with your hands often in order to make the flavor and aroma of sauce mixture permeate the pork quickly.

Step Three: When time’s up, use cotton thread to thread a piece of pork. Then hang out to dry off in the sun. Sunny and windy weather is required. Jiangyourou will be done in 3 days in that type of weather.

Step Four: After three days, take down Jiangyourou. If we don’t eat it at once, we can put it in a plastic bag and store in a freezer. If we want to have a taste at the time, wash it with lukewarm water. Then leave it to steam for about 20 minutes. Cut Jiangyourou into slices prior to serving.

       Jiangyourou is our local specialty. It is awlays found on the dining tables of local people during the family reunion dinner.

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Reply Report laoren1234 2016-2-10 22:09
A friend of mine from Wehzhou once sent me some of this jiangyourou. It tasted really good.
Reply Report Sally_sunshine 2016-2-11 18:54
laoren1234: A friend of mine from Wehzhou once sent me some of this jiangyourou. It tasted really good.
yes, it tastes good indeed! Glad you like it.Thanks for your comments!

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