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Share Have you tried waxberry wine?
2017-5-31 11:14
Have you tried waxberry wine?
It’s Dragon Boat Festival yesterday. I hope everyone of you had a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Local people do many things for the festival. For example, we hold dragon boat race. We eat rice dumplings, salted duck eggs, spring rolls (picture one), steamed garlic, waxberries, loquats and so on. We drink waxberry wine which was usually made last year. The waxberries in the pictures below were picked from our own waxberry trees(picture two). W ...
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Share Do you know Bai Xiang?
2016-11-1 19:39
Do you know Bai Xiang?
Bai Xiang( 白鲞 )is a kind of preserved fish. I consulted a dictionary for Bai Xiang. It can be translated as dried salted yellow croakers. Local people call yellow croakers “Huang Yu” which is a type of marine fish and is expensive, nutritious and delicious. Usually fishermen gut fresh yellow croakers and add salt to them to preserve. Then dry them off in the sun. Stir-fried Bai Xiang is one of my favorite dishes. It always gives you a huge appetite. It is fantas ...
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Share Cook crucian carp soup for the first time!
2016-6-12 19:47
Cook crucian carp soup for the first time!
Fish is my favorite food. I also like drinking a little soup during dinner. So fish soup will be the best choice to combine them together. Crucian carp is a common type of fish on our dining table. My family usually braise curcian carp in soy sauce. They don’t seem to cook crucian carp soup. I remember I had crucian carp soup long time ago in a restaurant and its freshness impressed me most. Crucian carp soup is rich in protein and help to build up one’s health. I decided to learn how ...
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Share Have you eaten yummy fried rice with pineapples?
2016-5-8 22:52
Have you eaten yummy fried rice with pineapples?
Pineapples are in season now. There are many varieties of pineapples in fruit stores. The other day I chose a Taiwan pineapple (called Fengli) and cooked fried rice with pineapples. If you like pineapples, you can not miss the following cooking recipe. Ingredients: pineapples , peas , onions , carrots , eggs , rice The amount of each ingredient is not strictly stated. This time I used half a pineapple , 250 gra ...
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Share What local people eat for Spring Festival?
2016-2-14 22:55
What local people eat for Spring Festival?
People from north of China eat dumplings during Spring Festival while people from southern part of China eat rice cake. Rice cake is usually the first course of our family reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve. It’s not difficult to cook rice cake. I’ve cooked it about 3 times. Today I cooked rick cake again for lunch,sharing with my family. Of course, there are several possible methods of cooking rice cake. I’d like to share my version with you! Ingredients: ...
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Share Have you eaten Jiangyourou?
2016-2-9 22:13
Have you eaten Jiangyourou?
Today I’d like to introduce a kind of traditional food which is a must for local people here during the Spring Festival. It is called Sun-dried, Soy Sauce Soaked Pork (Jiangyourou). We are usually prepared to make it near the Winter Solstice. I asked my mother and other relatives about how to make Jiangyourou the other day. And now let me share the steps below with you! Ingredients: organic pork, soy sauce, white spirits, sugar, rice wine ...
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Share Delicious Coca Cola chicken wings!
2016-1-13 20:46
Delicious Coca Cola chicken wings!
I heard long ago that some people used Coca Cola to cook chicken wings. It is said that the dish looks appealing and it tastes great as well. The other day I searched for its recipe online. We were all satisfied with the Coca Cola chicken wings I cooked for the first time. Today I asked my Mom to buy some chicken wings again. It was the second time for me to cook the new dish. Hope I am improving. I took some photos to share with you! Ingredients: chic ...
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Share Do you know Maibing?
2016-1-12 20:51
My uncle is good at cooking. He can cook delicious dishes, noodles and snacks. He can even make rice wine by himself. Among those snacks he cooks, a kind of snacks called Maibing is my favorite. I have eaten his Maibing since I was a little girl. Last time I paid a visit to him and asked him to teach me how to make Maibing. I wrote down the cooking procedures to share with you! Ingredients : wheat flour:700grams; one egg; garlic: 4 cloves ...
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Share How to cook fried beef slices with onions!
2015-12-15 17:15
How to cook fried beef slices with onions!
I used to be a meat lover. I almost ate meat with every meal. Later on, in order to have a health diet, I gradually changed my eating habits. I prefer vegetables and fruit now. Although I normally eat more vegetables now, I still eat all kinds of meat as well. And I eat less meat than I used to. There is no doubt that meat is very important for our health, such as beef. Beef has a high iron content and is helpful to enrich the blood, which is particularly very good for women. I learned t ...
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Share Have you heard of Fried Glutinous Cake in Lard?
2015-11-24 15:58
Have you heard of Fried Glutinous Cake in Lard?
Every place has its local specialties. Today I’d like to introduce a popular local snack from my hometown to all of you. It is called Fried Glutinous Cake in Lard( 猪油糕 ).The snack dates back to Qing dynasty. It is said that the snack was well-known even in Qing dynasty. It is mainly made from glutinous rice flour, sweetened red bean paste and lard. Whether young or old, most of the people who have tried the snack like its taste. I remember I used to buy it at snack bars with ...
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