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Share Its Christmas..
rameshnair 2015-12-24 16:02
Its Christmas..
It’s Christmas, the season for giving. Grew up with fond memories surrounding Christmas back home where I come from. It is said, Christ was born in this day right about 2 millennia ago and we celebrate the day in our own special way across the globe to signify his coming. The very mention of Christmas brings warmth to my mind and I am sure to many out there as well with fond memories. Thoughts of presents (giving and receiving), family gath ...
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Share For religion they say..
rameshnair 2015-11-23 11:52
Without Prejudice :) start rant .. Islam, Judaism and Christianity is linked to its core. ie both believe in the same system with its origin from Abrahamic roots.. angels and demons, heaven and hell, coming of Christ and etc. So if you say ISLAM is evil.. that will also make Christianity and its associated group evil. There is no two way about it. The origin of the religion is from the middle east. The current source of conflict, and has been for ages. People there have been in power ...
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Share Impartiality
rameshnair 2015-11-5 14:05
Being impartial is an interesting trait. This is where when one decides to be when one decides not to take sides on any matter. I have been earnestly attacked by people from both sides of the fence with when it comes to heated topics like religion, gender, money or for the lack of it and etc. Its interesting to note though how people tend to think if you have the opportunity to actually sit on the fence. Some say.. choose a side.. its a "yes or no" thing, but to me life isn't totally about ...
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Share Lady Meng's Tea
rameshnair 2015-8-3 11:18
Lady Meng's Tea
In pursuit of happiness or what we perceive of happiness.. we tend to forget what real values in life means to us. Often we look elsewhere, everywhere.. somewhere for love when most of the time its right there in front of you .. staring at you, beautiful eyed and eager to love.. its just that we are not looking or take it for granted. I had an interesting conversation with a lass.. asking me a question. "There is an ancient Chinese tale. During the ancient times .. legend has it that Lady Men ...
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Share Government Controlled Capitalism ?
rameshnair 2015-7-31 13:37
Government Controlled Capitalism ?
The last couple of months saw history being made in the financial markets here in China. With the spectacular rise in the shares market , news made headlines all over the world. The spill over effect created the rush of new trading account signings, change in government policies concerning trading in overall. China has 2 independent stock exchanges the Shanghai SE and the Shenzhen SE. For those uninitiated , the Shanghai Stock exchange is the 5rd largest by market cap in the world. Next to NYSE, ...
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Share Tales of Men and Mice.
rameshnair 2015-7-30 12:02
Tales of Men and Mice.
Fiction or not .. Interesting how life takes a turn when you least expect it. All i wanted was to resolve life's simple problems and move to to greener pastures as it may seem. But little did i know that the greener the pasture the higher the maintenance. We are right now at this moment lead to think that the better cars we drive, the bigger wedding rings we choose, the huge houses we buy, the more branded goods we have makes our lives better. Marketing does this to us, oh wait continuous ...
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Share Living the Caveman style
rameshnair 2015-7-29 11:50
Living the Caveman style
CAPTAIN CAVEMAN ! Our bodies have evolved the past millennia to adapt to nature and its offerings.. i.e. food. I have always been intrigued by food and how its consumed across the globe. Japanese like it raw, Chinese like it boiled, Indians like it spiced up, Americans grill everything, south Americans have their salsa's tacos , Africans like them couscous and nuts. Of course i am generalizing as each location/nation has its own unique food which is too many to list. A ...
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Share Graduates Dilemma - Property - Shanghai
rameshnair 2015-7-27 12:13
Graduates Dilemma - Property - Shanghai
I am astonished by the growth capacity of China the past 2 decades. What was once considered a nation of marred with tragedies has risen up to take its place amongst the best. However the growth of such magnitude has its pitfalls. It has been the GDP and nothing but focusing on the GDP for the past few decades and with that comes its cost.. rising cost of living, pollution and countless other troubles. However, it is to note that all nations have similar troubles and no single nation has been ...
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Share All smiles in Beijing
rameshnair 2015-7-24 13:08
All smiles in Beijing
It was a cold winters night when i landed in Beijing international Airport from Shanghai. It was a weekend getaway planned just so that i can visit the capital, savor the food, visit Tienanmen square and cross out an item from my bucket list .. The Great Wall. Leaving the airport, i headed towards the city, it was at night so traffic was good. Stayed at the New World Hotel.. warm and cozy with good reception. Was pretty close to the locations that i wanted to visit as well. In the morning, ...
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Share Jingan Musings
rameshnair 2015-7-23 11:20
Jingan Musings
In times of trouble or when i need some peace, i visit places of worship. Back home(malaysia) it will be either a temple (chinese, hindu or sikh), church or a mosque. You must wonder why.. I cant actually put my finger to it.. or clearly define the reasons to why i do it, but its something about the places of worship that just brings me calm.. Some places of worship are busy and some are peaceful and beautiful with fantastic work of arts lining the walls. I must admit that i am an ...
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