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For religion they say..

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Without Prejudice :) start rant ..

Islam, Judaism and Christianity is linked to its core. ie both believe in the same system with its origin from Abrahamic roots.. angels and demons, heaven and hell, coming of Christ and etc. So if you say ISLAM is evil.. that will also make Christianity and its associated group evil. There is no two way about it. The origin of the religion is from the middle east. The current source of conflict, and has been for ages. People there have been in power struggle for ages and its part of their culture if you like it or not. Churches built.. destroyed and on top of it Mosques built and vice versa.. cultural relics destroyed and etc..

The issue will never end.

So lets fast forward to ISIS. This issue is not new. Things have been brewing for quite sometime. To make things worst, governments(west and east) arm them and provide them with war tactics. Hoping for either side to exterminate each other.. The intrusion of western and eastern governments have caused a huge void of power in the middle east after the Arab spring  so called clean up. And not all hell is loose thanks to the arab spring. Lets face the fact.. democracy is not for all. Some need to be ruled with an iron fist (imo).

In someway history seems to be repeating itself. Think vietnam 1970's, think mujahidden in the 1980's, think Al qaeda in the 1990's.. and read between the lines. Bunch of goat herders wont have the mentality and capability to buy guns and let alone lead strikes into unknown territory if not for training. Do you think the AK47's fall from the skies or is dug up from the earth ? So if you train them.. what will happen in the end ? One fine day they will retaliate, and now they have.

ISIS took another step further, they secured valuable resources i.e. Oil from the northern territory of Iraq and the oil/resource they are selling is making this all possible. Did you know that? Who is buying the oil ?

The issue to consider,  is to stop supporting them.. STOP SUPPORTING THEM. Did you know Israel, Saudi and some middle eastern countries have been funded by American Govt? Some may not believe this, but look out of their legislation's passed through their senate and congress with intent to "help" but actual fact its with its hidden agenda.. ultimately for resource.

Why no one bothers about Africa ? Thousands die there too. Maybe because the locations didn't have any resource.. so it didn't matter.. Bosnia and Serbia were at it about a decade ago. No one government bothered (UN stepped in).. why? Because they had no worthwhile resource.

ISLAM is the cause now they say, like how communism was a cause decades back, remember Russia, china ? Americans are obsessed with things that they have been told.. brainwashed bunch. Its all propaganda. Look through the damn smokescreen people.

A German slams a plane full of people into the mountain.. its a crazy guy.
A Norwegian kills 100's of kids in an island.. its a crazy guy
An American bombs the federal building.. he is nuts.
So if someone says that a christian did the above.. will you guys be happy ?

Why associate religion with radicals ? Cuz the media says so? Just because an idiot carries a flag saying its fighting for Islam.. Whole world jumps out !

Christians say Jesus this and that.. what about crusades? Thousands if not millions died cuz of their join or die church rules. What about the KKK ? Have you guys forgotten the issue of the race and colour?

Interesting how people get played into the hands of the media and politicians .. at the end .. money is made, economy is brought back and some businessman make their billions. pfft.

Dont be sheep.
/end rant :)

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Reply Report samlam 2016-1-15 09:50
Battling for resource in the Middle East has been decades. I believe there is nothing to do with the belief. It is oil that as to be blamed for.

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