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Being impartial is an interesting trait. This is where when one decides to be when one decides not to take sides on any matter.

I have been earnestly attacked by people from both sides of the fence with when it comes to heated topics like religion, gender, money or for the lack of it and etc. Its interesting to note though how people tend to think if you have the opportunity to actually sit on the fence. Some say.. choose a side.. its a "yes or no" thing, but to me life isn't totally about being black and white or the 1's and 0's. Its about the grey too.. and whatever that comes between the 1's and 0's. I refuse to believe in an almighty power that controls us with his/her invincible hands and punishment that i will go through if i didn't adhere to the rules set by morbid minded individuals hundreds years ago. I also refuse to accept ideologies that undermine people that do not agree with them. Collectively we are stronger.. but when it comes to this matters.. collectively people tend to be less.. u know what i mean. :) Dont agree. Oh well, i have been called an ignorant too by people that have "learned more" than me or "had more salt" if they would like to stress that.

You see, living life in a predefined manner, i.e. by the set rules/books/religion.. gives some form of comfort to some but that rule doesn't apply to all. That is why most of us.. have the urge or hunger to ask questions. Yeah we are all grown up/more sensible.. but have you ever asked to yourself that .. is this what life is meant to be (this is where the believers come in and say.. he is calling you). Alright enough of that. But actually what is it ? Making money ? Making friends ? Climbing mountain ? Waking up in the morning ? Crossing the road ? flying a plane ? :) The list goes on.. 

What got me thinking in this line of thought.. an article about a Dr.. in his early 40's with all possible wealth and rise to fame getting diagnosed with Cancer.. with couple of months to live and realizing whats it all about.

Its often when we are about to loose or have lost that we realize the significance of something. Then it all becomes clear to you.. :)

So have you been impartial ? Have you had a chance to stand on the fence and look at matters both ways ? Or have you been sooo judgmental and fixated that YOU ARE RIGHT ..

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