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Share Impartiality
2015-11-5 14:05
Being impartial is an interesting trait. This is where when one decides to be when one decides not to take sides on any matter. I have been earnestly attacked by people from both sides of the fence with when it comes to heated topics like religion, gender, money or for the lack of it and etc. Its interesting to note though how people tend to think if you have the opportunity to actually sit on the fence. Some say.. choose a side.. its a "yes or no" thing, but to me life isn't totally about ...
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Share Lady Meng's Tea
2015-8-3 11:18
Lady Meng's Tea
In pursuit of happiness or what we perceive of happiness.. we tend to forget what real values in life means to us. Often we look elsewhere, everywhere.. somewhere for love when most of the time its right there in front of you .. staring at you, beautiful eyed and eager to love.. its just that we are not looking or take it for granted. I had an interesting conversation with a lass.. asking me a question. "There is an ancient Chinese tale. During the ancient times .. legend has it that Lady Men ...
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Share Tales of Men and Mice.
2015-7-30 12:02
Tales of Men and Mice.
Fiction or not .. Interesting how life takes a turn when you least expect it. All i wanted was to resolve life's simple problems and move to to greener pastures as it may seem. But little did i know that the greener the pasture the higher the maintenance. We are right now at this moment lead to think that the better cars we drive, the bigger wedding rings we choose, the huge houses we buy, the more branded goods we have makes our lives better. Marketing does this to us, oh wait continuous ...
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Share Jingan Musings
2015-7-23 11:20
Jingan Musings
In times of trouble or when i need some peace, i visit places of worship. Back home(malaysia) it will be either a temple (chinese, hindu or sikh), church or a mosque. You must wonder why.. I cant actually put my finger to it.. or clearly define the reasons to why i do it, but its something about the places of worship that just brings me calm.. Some places of worship are busy and some are peaceful and beautiful with fantastic work of arts lining the walls. I must admit that i am an ...
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