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Share BMW VS Your Child
2015-7-20 11:28
BMW VS Your Child
I am indeed intrigued after reading headlines a couple of days ago when a lady in Zhejiang province refused to allow her car's window to be broken to save the 3 year old child. She claimed its best to wait for the locksmith to open the door.. Fire fighters were actually stopped by the mother of the child from breaking the window even when the child was seen clawing the windows of the car. However, finally the fire fighters did break the window to save the poor kid. My hats off to the fire fighte ...
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Share Selfie Defence
2015-7-5 13:08
Selfie Defence
Self defense is an important skill that will come useful when you are faced with unwanted attention. However rosy we might think the world is out there, there are in some instances that where we may be required to defend ourselves against people with bad intentions. Don't get me wrong.. not all are bad out there, but some bad apples do give the rest of the lot the bad name. This can be men or women.. bullies or rapists and etc. Always remember that prevention is the best self ...
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Share The need for a Brain Bucket
2015-5-20 15:56
The need for a Brain Bucket
Since summer is here, outdoor activities become more frequent if not a must. I have planned to ride a little more than usual as I am preparing for next year’s triathlons/riding events. Shanghai has fantastic bike friendly lanes/routes throughout the city. I am based in Pudong and the dedicated bike lanes are fantastic. However occasional oncoming traffic violators do ruin the fun for us riders. I noticed that safety is an aspect that riders here tend to negle ...
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