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China Plans For Long Term, US Plans For Next Election!

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China's Two Sessions is currently in progress.  Chinese leaders are planning for the next 10, 20, 30 years with their representatives.  It can only auger well for China and its people! In marked contrast, US polticians are mired in controversies, and planning for the next election!  They can't even resolve the longstanding gun issue, with vested interests blocking attempts at gun control while innocent Americans continue to be slaughtered by their own compatriots.  And instead of being economically more productive, they blame everybody else for their economic woes, resorting to illegal trade protectionist measures which will ultimately hurt American consumers more than people of its trading partners!  Politicians, looking towards the next election, are more interested in putting in place measures to please their base, their supporters, at the expense of other Americans.  Trade protectionism makes goods more expensive for American consumers in general, and the poorer ones in particular.  But of course poiticians don't take that into consideration; all they care is to win the next election! 

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Reply Report 12dream 2018-3-7 20:47
pnp: Precisely why the world has to be concerned with who gets elected to office; because when the Americans elect someone like Trump who blames everybody  ...
Your comments are true to an extent but UncleTrump does have a few points corrected. If TPP is unsuitable to the USA interests, why should it (USA) take it up? He cannot see eye-to-eye with Obama and/or Clinton, how could he cast his net to pick up their fishes / dirt ?  

He vowed to force US allies to pay $trillions for defences but he voluntarily adding more for free; being insane or conned? Dignity feeds his appetites but any shame he cannot swallow is a sort of very serious illness being as a powerful president of the USA with thick fingers on nuke sticks.

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